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By Intelli
MineRealm 4.8.0

  • Updated the server to Minecraft 1.16.
  • Increased the map size and implemented a dynamically expanding map. [More Info]
  • Updated rules & reset ban list (unbanned 40,000+ players). [More Info]
  • Added back F3 debug information. (Coordinates are once again displayed)
  • Deleted/trimmed region files that had generated outside of the old Overworld & Nether border limits.
  • Added dynamic mob spawning limiting (for portals & spawners) when the server TPS falls below 20.
  • Added ability to type "/m @ <username> <message>" to send a new message to a specific user.
  • Added UTF-8 character support to chat messages.
  • Changed the random teleporter to only teleport new players within 1,000 blocks of the map border.
  • Fixed recently unbanned users not being able to login on their first connection attempt.
  • Fixed a risk of being falsely banned for flying when using an elytra.
  • Fixed enderchests not being placable in the end.
  • Fixed tridents damaging players even when PVP is disabled.
  • Fixed player count displayed upon login not including the player who just logged in.
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