MineRealm Survival Multiplayer

Offering enhanced Minecraft gameplay since 2010, to over 260,000 players.

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Simply connect to the above address in your Minecraft game client.

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About MineRealm

MineRealm is one of the longest running public servers available. We offer a "legit" gameplay experience. Absolutely no items are ever spawned by staff - everything you see on the server has been built properly by hand.

Server Information

MineRealm is a public, legit server, up 24/7 since 2010.

Our server has the unique feature of allowing users to purchase plots. Plots enable users to buy and sell specific sections of land. Check out this guide for getting started with plots: https://minerealm.com/c/v/1455

All extra features, such as plots, are coded by our own team of developers. These features are 100% custom and unique to MineRealm.

MineRealm is 100% free to play. In order to keep the server public, without requiring any type of registration or approval, our staff will perform random checks on users, to prevent griefing and/or hacking. Other information, such as the server rules, can be found in-game.

See you in-game!

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