Administrators will post announcements regarding change in rules or gameplay.
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By Intelli
This server is now discontinued.

MineRealm Creative Server

Relaunched on March 29th at 4:00PM PST (now discontinued)



MineRealm Creative is a unique creative server, up 24/7 on a server with 16GB of RAM.

MineRealm Creative is a server with the unique feature of allowing users to create their own worlds. Check out this guide for getting started with worlds:

All extra features, such as the world system, are coded by our own team of developers. These features are 100% custom and unique to MineRealm.


MineRealm Rules:

1. Do NOT disturb other peoples stuff.
2. Please place a sign on your property, to claim the area.
3. Only build on land that has not been claimed, or that you have permission to build on.
4. No Griefing, Hacking, Exploits, Glitching, or Cheating
5. Please respect admins, mods, and all other players.
6. No begging - mods aren't going to give you any items.
7. Keep the chat clean. No swearing, racist remarks, or any comments intended to enrage other players.
8. If you have any questions, please ask a mod.
9. Have fun!


Server Specs:

Dedicated Server
Quad Core Intel i7 - 3.20GHz (Sandy Bridge)
16 GB DDR3 1333
100Mb/s Uplink


MineRealm is 100% free to play. In order to keep the server public, without requiring any type of registration or approval, our staff will perform random checks on users, to prevent griefing and/or hacking. Other information, such as the server rules, can be found in-game. If you have any questions, etc, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Let us know if you have any questions.
By eagleclaw6
I just want to let people know that works as well, if you either like typing an extra letter or are nostalgic, as I am.
NOTE: there is a way to die on creative, It should be fixed. If you place a block of tnt, then attach it to a lever or some kind of redstone power source, it will blow up, and harm you.

Whenever I try to go on, it says 'outdated server'
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