Post any ban appeals or ban requests within this forum.
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Before Making a Ban Appeal
  • Please make a forum account for yourself, the player who is wanting to be unbanned should be the one posting the ban appeal.
  • Ban reasons will not be given out to anyone but the player who was banned
  • NOTICE: Players who have not followed these rules before posting a ban appeal may be ignored.

Ban Appeals
Title format: Ban Appeal: Username
  • Please provide a reason why you should be unbanned. If you do not know, kindly ask in your thread.
  • Please keep a respectful demeanor in your ban appeals; this should include attempts at proper grammar and spelling.

Ban Requests
Title format: Ban Request: Username
  • Please provide proof when posting. Any requests without proof will be disregarded.
  • Please keep a respectful demeanor in your requests; this should include attempts at proper grammar and spelling.
  • Ban Requests should not be used as a personal attack against another player.

Regarding Tags
You may notice [BANNED], [UNBANNED], and [REJECTED] tags beside titles. Do NOT manually place these in your title. Additionally, do not edit them out. These are placed by admins. Breaking this rule will result in a forum ban.

[BANNED] = This is a player we have banned. We've posted a topic here, to notify that user.
[UNBANNED] = This will be added to a ban appeal if we approve the appeal and unban the player.
[REJECTED] = Added to the title if a ban appeal is rejected.
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