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By Grelman
Hello MineRealmers! All 10 of you!

Yes it's that time of year again! Get ready for Secret Santa for this Christmas.

I'll be having people put their presents in chests at the Christmas Tree on the Aequitas plots north of spawn just like last couple years. There's a ice skating rink for boats there as well if you haven't been there already, check it out. This year's ice rink and tree is 2x bigger this year!

So basically just like any other year, post your name here if you're interested in participating in the event. I'll be taking names starting now, and then on December 21st I'll stop taking names and then I'll randomly select partners for the event and tell you who it is in game or in PM.

For presents there's really no rules for how expensive it has to be, but it should be something thoughtful at the very least. Just don't throw a stack of something in a chest. Let your imagination run here.

Also, most people don't, but please don't forget you signed up.

Despite the sleepiness we've had a decent amount of participants, especially recently.

Thank You for Participating in the Past as well as this Year!

Merry Christmas!

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By Puged
Ohhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm innnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
(And maybe there will be an ice skating race happening with phat rewards)
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By Grelman
Just a reminder/update:

Annemette has signed up in-game to participate in this year's Secret Santa!

There's 9 days left to sign up and it would be great to get anyone else in!

Even if you don't want to participate come on and enjoy the new Christmas Tree and ice rink that sits on a big 2x2 plot area just 50 block north of spawn!

Here's a nice little timelapse for you of the decorating of the big tree shot and edited by Puged:


Also, a big thanks to Intelli for the early Christmas present of updating MineRealm to 1.13.2! now all we need is normal difficulty, lol stealing pug's method.
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By Grelman
Merry Happy Christmas Eve/ Christmas everyone!

I notified the participants of who they'll be getting a gift for and since it's Christmas Eve, and some of you in other parts of the world are already on Christmas Day, I can say that it's a fine time to start revealing yourselves and your presents whenever you are ready!

If you still need time to work on your gifts don't worry, but I know how quick some people are and may need to give before going offline for a while since it is the holidays.

I would say at the least try to give your present before the end of New Years Day perhaps.

If you didn't get anything please let me know!

I feel like this is one area where I may have dropped the ball in past Secret Santa events and it may be what discouraged some people from participating this year. I will make sure that everyone who puts their name down gets the proper consideration they deserve. PM me on the forums/in-game or shoot me a Discord message at Grelman#0541

Even though there are so few people formally in the event I feel the quality of those participating more than makes up for it, but it would be nice to have double digits in the event next year!

Leave any comments or suggestions for how this event may be improved in the future.

I'd also like to thank AlexaSConrad for being thoughtful enough to provide all active players with a sweet gift this year despite not even being in the event! So check out the Aequitas spawn Christmas Tree and see if you've got a gift. I don't think everyone who has a gift marked for them there has access to the plot so please let me know if you need to get in and get your gift.


Here's to another year on MineRealm and hopefully we can sort out some kind of terrain change to address the 1.13 and 1.14 changes!

Thank you for those who participated and I hope you all have a safe, sociable, salivating Christmas and New Years!

By General Grievous
How about meeting on Saturday for half an hour at 22:00 Central European time = 21:00 UK time = 16:00 EST to open the presents and do Christmas related stuff? Like singing songs, throw snowballs, build a snowman and a chimney (but not for grilling a random guy ;)), all dressed in Christmas clothing - and then have an early firework for 2019?
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By Grelman
Just wanted to follow up and make sure everyone got and gave their gifts. Please let me know if you need perms/ or never got a gift.

Also, make sure you've collected your presents by the end of this coming weekend as I'll be taking down the Christmas tree by the 7th.

Thanks for participating again guys, and I hope you had/have a great holidays and new year!
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