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Located at 1806 65 -2161 which is northeast of spawn.

Living here is free, because the space below it is reserved for the underground city. There are only a few rooms left for occupancy.

Pod 5/room 5
Pod 4/room 4
Pod 2/Room 2
Pod 1/room 1

Room 10 which has no pod is also available

Rules in the pod
Below the pod is a spawner, when it is set up again after the excavation please do not remove or break.

Many other people live in the pod currently right now the occupancy is as follows

Some people store valuables in their rooms, do not disturb their items or layout

You are free to decorate the rooms as you see fit and your pod if you have one, please do not change the floors however, use carpet if you want the floor to be nicer

Remember there are only 20 animals allowed per plot this means you will only be able to have one or two animals in your pod so other people can have pets as well

do not extend your pods or rooms, build inside the space provided, do not change the window layout, you can however replace the normal glass with stained glass if you feel like it.

If you Harvest gardens please replant.

As I said simple living, no hassle of rent and only a few simple rules.

Also available on this plot are three small houses, soon to be five when I fix he other two up as they were damaged during the wipe. Same rules as the pod. I can even add a garden if you want one and a basement. Again the houses are free as below ground is reserved for the underground city.

Please message me in game for more information on other rentals on my property or inquiries.
Thank you
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