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By kerovon
I'm going to begin figuring out how we are going to get the subway back into working order. I'm also planning on regulating this subway a bit more than the last one (as in, I plan to make Stalin look like a pushover), so as to prevent it from becoming a mess of private lines and with every stop and interchange being handled differently.

First, I've mapped the current subway coming out from spawn. I probably have some mistakes, but the map should be accurate to within 10-15 blocks. The original map I'm working with has a 1 px=5 blocks scale, this one has been scaled up by 200% to make it more readable. I suspect that at some point, I'll make a more easily friendly map, but when developing the subway, I want lots of accuracy.

You should open the map up in a new tab, because it is a bit big for the forums. A direct link is here.


The first thing that needs to be done is to decide on some basic standards for both the rails, and the stops. Everything I say here is tentative, so if you have a better idea, make sure you give it.
For the rails, the tunnel should be at least 3x3 (to allow horses, though 4 high might be preferable), with two lines in them. The powered rails should be placed no less frequently than every 30 meters (28 meters is maximum speed, but when counting based on coords, 30 is a lot easier to keep track of, and only results in negligible slowdown). Including an ice path for sprinting is a nice feature but probably not required. They should be well lit. Decoration is optional.

Stops are defined as points along the rail where the minecart comes to a complete stop. They should be at major locations, so as to prevent people from adding stops to let them access their individual house that slows everyone else down. Stops should be well labeled, and provide easy and free access for the public to go up to the surface and look around. In my opinion, its better to keep stops very simple. I would propose 2 unpowered rails to bring you to a stop, with more powered rails just after them to speed you up. With the current ability to just press 'w' and move decently fast, there is no real reason to go hunting for wherever the button was placed. There is an image below that shows a simple mockup.

I do not know what would be a good design for a rail junction, so give your ideas here. Simple to make is a plus, as is easy to use if you don't know how it works going in to it.

Other things that we need:

I plan on trying to have the rail more or less go to all edges of the map. I'll probably try to plan to keep it close to the centerlines to make it easier to build/plan. However, I need information on what stops need to have connections. Give the coordinates of your stops in this thread.

If there is partial rail somewhere that can possibly be used, give the coordinates of that rail, and I'll check it out and map it.

If you have other ideas, let me know. As I get more information, I will start planning out where we need to start digging our rail. I'm probably also forgetting something from this post, so it will probably have things added to it and continue to grow.
By mitchie151
Having major North East South West tunnels would be really cool, with major exchanges whenever there is a major city on one of the sides. The exchanges might make cool places to build little towns and stuff.

Having an exchange every now and then would also reduce the amount of private lines that need to be added, or at least we could make it so you are only allowed to attach to the subway at an exchange. Might be kind of cool having like major exchanges where there are like 15-20 lines all attaching. Also far more convenient and organized than having hundreds of stops.
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By falareborn
Don't know if my realms (The Umbrella Corporation HQ) are on the route, but if they do, let me know kero. My realms are open for the subway if needed.
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By Tee
Two notes re the proposed standard powered rail design:

1) According to Gamepedia wiki, maximum minecart speed is maintained with powered rail every 34m, but there is no significant dropoff in speed until spacing exceeds 38m. The 30m maximum spacing suggested is absolutely fine by me but I just thought I'd note it.

2) Three powered rails are required to get you up to full speed from a dead stop, so junctions should have three powered rail rather than two as shown in your mockup.

Otherwise, the junction system looks great. I used to like pushbutton designs with a dip/rise to slow you to a stop, but 1.6 broke them for many players as the character sits too low in the cart to operate buttons with any ease.
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By Roobean
In 1.8 detector rails can eject players from carts; this could be useful for stations, I am adding it to the remake of my station.
By Soul K
A simple switch that doesnt use redstone and so you can build it on public realms and another way to get onto a track you want without a switch but it is limited to only sending you a certain way onto the track.

Oh I also added a tunnel pic I was making before the wipe, was a lil wider and taller to allow horses below if someone wanted to use it as well. Stations would have to be adjusted for it as well.

When I was building my line I tried to make it villager/player friendly as much as I could. So the player didnt need to get out of the cart and transfer lines/rooms like some stations did which made transporting villagers a major hassle.
Larger tunnel
Larger tunnel
tunnel1.png (570.33 KiB) Viewed 10912 times
This style only gets you onto the track and goes one way.
This style only gets you onto the track and goes one way.
railzzz.png (660.89 KiB) Viewed 10917 times
Basic switch that doesnt require restone.
Basic switch that doesnt require restone.
switching.png (657.07 KiB) Viewed 10917 times
By macrofeet
I've been re mining south line to link up with Abyssus keeping with the old format line

Old Frogtown > cic(broken) > Old Frogtown Junction

South, F Jun > Abyssus "if exists not found yet"

West from F Jun > Rocktopia overground rail
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