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By Grelman
Hello Minerealmers, it's that time of year again where we engage in our mystery gift giving secret santa event.

Even though the servers back to being a bit sleepy again we still hold Minerealm's map and community close to our hearts and so why not carry on a nice tradition of gift giving.

As always either submit your name on the forums or PM me on discord that you'd like to participate. I'll be taking names from now till December 22nd and after that people will receive their assigned people from me via discord which will be chosen via random number generator. People are again encouraged to leave their present near the spawn Christmas tree and contact me if you don't have perms. Giving your gift any time from Christmas eve (PST) onward is fine. People have different time zones and active hours so dont feel too much pressure to give on Christmas eve or Christmas day, but try to give it before New Years. I also would hope that no one who participates forgets that they entered. It has happened, and although its understandable during this hectic time of year it is something I have to plan for. If you do not receive a gift let me know.

The Christmas town project is a nice place to visit to feel some holly jollies of the season in block game. I hope anyone who hasn't been will take a look at it. I had some plans for things to add but this season is going by so quickly and some of the projects are a bit larger than some villagey houses so they may not completed. I did add a big patch of large custom spruces as a preview for what I want to eventually surround the northern half of the town with. There's also ofc the giant Mt. Krump I took a lot of time making earlier this year as a lovely backdrop for the charming Christmas town. The whole area is best appreciated using the distant horizons mod which is an incredible way to experience minecraft maps without being in a tiny square that ends so abruptly. Like optifine, it's a purely visual mod that doesnt give any unfair advantage so it shouldn't be any issue using it. ... t-horizons

It makes for quite incredible spectacles, and MR is a very well developed map ripe for viewing on high render distances. Here's an example of a sideview of Mt. Krump and it's surroundings.
720viewmcxmas.png (397.18 KiB) Viewed 34915 times
If you've never been to Christmas town there's signs on the main south road leading to it from nether spawn. If you don't like going to the nether maybe someday there'll be a tube going to it.

Inspired by Braden's tradition in recent years of making a map art Christmas card I came up with one I hope I'll have time to finish in time for the big days of the month. It's pretty nice so I hope I can share it with everyone.

Hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable holidays this year and always. The good people of MR certainly deserve it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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By Grelman
The names have been sent out now for this year's event. If you didn't get your assigned person, OR later if you don't get a present, let me know on discord or in game.

I'm glad to do this event for as long as people look forward to it. Thanks to everyone who signed up!

On a side note, anyone who wants a tour of Christmas town I'd be glad to show them around.
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