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By Grelman
Hello fellow MineRealmers,

It's that time of the year again!

Time for the Secret Santa for 2021!

This year has been another turbulent one for everybody no matter what your age or social status. However we've enjoyed the escapism that's been afforded to us by playing with each other on this ever constant server of MineRealm.

In the past year I've been thankful for the solidification of the community. In other words the people who still care to join care to play for the most part. We've all tried to help make the map a more fun place to be and explore. Corporate/Cancer Cowboy finally missed a login and spawn was able to come out of being frozen in carbonite since 2013. I and others have more plans for how to help spawn fully realize itself as a place worthy of being exclusively mentioned as one of the oldest and longest running servers known to this game.

I don't want this all to be such exhaustive ceremony though. This is the time of year where we celebrate this holiday season with one another by taking the time to make each other's virtual festivities more bright by doing this secret santa event. It'll work just like every year before. Anyone who wants to participate in our event just has to notify me by replying to this post, messaging me in game or on discord. The participant entry will go on from now all the way up until 21st where I will take the names, assign them a number, and random number generate a secret santa for each person. Gift giving time is flexible since people get caught up in the season and may not have time around Christmas Eve or Christmas Day but it's encouraged that people choose those times to reveal their gifts. I hope we can get a good number of people in on it this year as theres been more days with double digit players than I remember in recent memory in 2021.

The usual disclaimer I'd like to put here is if you sign up for this event, please remember that you did so and to drop out if you can't fully participate. In the unfortunate event that you don't get something from someone, please do not hesitate to notify me. I don't want anyone feeling left out, forgotten about, whatever. This doesn't happen often but I'm prepared in the event anyway, you will get something.

This year's Secret Santa post is also serving as a way to let the community know we've been working on a Christmas Town project and we hope to get it done before the big days of December. I will make sure to post in the discord and here about it when it's finished because we want as many people to enjoy it as possible. In the meantime don't forget to come to spawn and enjoy the yearly Christmas tree at the ice rink. Like last year it has the twinkle lights and the honeycomb block at the back plays a song when the button is pushed. Both are neat new additions to the tree courtesy of Braden.

(edit) I've been asked to remind you all that, like last year, people who come onto MR Classic during the week of Christmas will get a Christmas Card map art to commemorate and remember this year.

Thanks for reading and I hope all of you have the best possible holiday seasons.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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