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Note to players Corvus, Rook Village, Riverdale, The Pod and Flotating Islands are all rent-free due to the area and rules. Any Villages expanded nearby will also be rent-free in the future. There are plans for expanding the villages and adding a few new ones.

Corvus is still open for players who would like a vacation home, living here is free however there are a few rules
*Please replant if you harvest
* You may extend the houses, but be warned some of the houses have been dug out underneath for underground areas to be filled in later.
*Only keep a couple of animals as more than one person may be living in the plot your house is on
* Please do not touch other player's items, houses, or animals without permission.

Here are a few pictures so you know what is available in the area ... minerealm/ ... lm-part-2/ ... lm-part-3/ ... lm-part-4/ ... lm-part-5/

The Pod
There are still some rooms in the pod available, the pod has additional rules as may people live there
*only one or two animals
*cannot add on but can decorate as you wish ... minerealm/

Flotating Islands
There is space available on the flotating islands: the islands have been cleared as their residents have not been on in over three years.
*this area is build as you wish as long as it is on the island
*limited animals on these plots, please
*horses in the horse stables under the islands are for island dwellers, use as you wish. ... minerealm/

Nearby to Corvus are several other villages in Development
*Cannot build or addon in this village it is being preserved however you are able to claim a house, and in the fenced areas have a few animals. This build was originally built by Falchornfld and is being preserved.

Rook Village
* Cannot build or addon to this village, but you are able to claim a house and have a couple of animals.

Plot Rentals
My plots are free however if you wish to donate its welcome, a player can claim 1-4 plots on my property however please keep in mind the following information

*Plot rentals, build as you wish.
*Keep in mind animal limits so you do not despawn everything around
* please keep the names of the plots as they tie into my village areas.

Plot Rentals are in the following village areas on my properties
Aerie( Formerly part of Dead Sun)- previously lived on, but very little dig out
Suppasit-extensively dug out underground
Sainted- Only Some plots available here most are untouched
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