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By Grelman
Hello MineRealmers! It's that time of year again!

It's time to get ready for Secret Santa for this 2019 Christmas on MineRealm, the last Xmas season of the decade! MineRealm is now 9 years old :O

I'll be having people put their presents in chests at the Christmas Tree on the Aequitas plots north of spawn just like last couple years. There's a ice skating rink for super fast boats like always. The ice rink and tree take up the first 4 plots north of spawn that aren't Spawn Park.

So basically just like any other year, post your name here if you're interested in participating in the event. I'll be taking names starting now, and then on December 21st I'll stop taking names and then I'll randomly select partners for the event and tell you who it is in game, in PM, or most likely Discord.

There's no time frame for when you should give your gift. It's probably best to just make it a time where you know you'll have time and ideally, the other person will be there to receive their gift in blocky person.

For presents there's really no rules for how expensive it has to be, but it should be something thoughtful at the very least. Just don't throw a stack of something in a chest. Let your imagination run here.

Also, most people don't, but please don't forget you signed up.

I hope we can get up to double digits for this year's Secret Santa because I know we have at least that many actives. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas it's a nice way to achieve a feeling of community.

Thank You for Participating in the Past as well as this Year!

Some non-Secret Santa related notes:

Also, I usually have the tree up by the time I make the Secret Santa posting, but I've been waiting for a time where some people will be on to make it a more social event. I also know some like to just see it built. Sorry about unintentionally lying about the tree going up the day after American Thanksgiving, but it was just a bit early and I didn't want to rush it.

With that all that said I will be putting up the Christmas tree tomorrow night (for me at least) at 6PM PST.

I hope to see some of you there like last year when we were using all four plots for the first time. I'll be giving some stuff to people who come by to make it feel more worthwhile, if you want it :p

Lastly, my plan this season was to make a Christmas village with some designs I made based off those little light up decorations people use to make actual miniature Christmas towns. I'll be working on it this month to hopefully have something worth visiting by the time the 20ish days of December come around, ideally sooner. If anyone wants to help me in any way with it, like helping make a tube or nether path there, I'd be quite grateful. If you want to contribute help just catch me in game or just @ me on the Discord for MineRealm.

If my plans for this project turn out to be something I feel is worth visiting I'll post a screen or two here or make it it's own thread perhaps. Until then I wish everyone health, wealth, and happiness this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

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By Grelman
Excellent, we have 6 participants. Lets try to get at least 4 more!

Also a thank you to the Conrads for their unofficial participation, but very official gift giving.

The Christmas town won't be happening this year, maybe next year there'll be a bit more buzz on MR to inspire me to do it.
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By Grelman
Okay everybody, the Secret Santa assignments have been sent out.

If you didn't get my message yet let me know in PM or Discord.

Take some time to consider your gifts and when you're ready you can get in touch with me if you don't have permission on the ice rink plots to put your present down.

You can start putting them down whenever you want, and I might just suggest that recipients open their gifts Christmas Eve and onward.

Signed books are a good way to send wishes/thank people. (they're easier to edit now since 1.14)

If anyone has any trouble getting or giving their gifts just let me know. No one will go away empty handed!
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