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Note: Only the creative server has worlds.

UPDATE: Due to abuse, worlds can now only be created by donors and veterans.

New to MineRealm Creative? Worlds are a unique aspect of the creative server, enabling users to create and manage their own world.

If you're new to Minecraft in itself, please be sure to check out this beginners tutorial: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Tutor ... er's_guide

Additionally, please note that you can type “/help” within the game for a list of all available commands. This tutorial only outlines commands directly related to the “world” feature. For a list of basic commands, please look here: http://minerealm.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=272


What do worlds do?

Worlds enable you to have a place where just you and your friends can build, without worrying about being disturbed by other players. Additionally, worlds give you the ability to use WorldEdit, and any other administrative plugins we choose to add to the server.

How do I warp to a world?

To access a world, type "/world warp <name>".

Is there a list of worlds?

Yes! For a list of all the worlds, type "/world list". By default, worlds you own or are a member of are at the top.

How do I create a world?

To create a world, type "/world create <name>". To see info about the world you're presently in, type "/world" at any time. Please note that you can only create one world per day.

Can I delete my world?

Yes. Simply type "/world delete" within your world, and follow the directions.

Can I have more than one world?

Yes. There are no restrictions regarding the number of worlds you can create.

Can I let other players build within my world?

Yes - to give a user building privileges within your world, simply type "/world rank <user>" within the world. There are several levels of ranks. Here's a list.
  • 0 - No building privileges.
  • 1 - Standard building privileges.
  • 2 - Full building privileges. Can use WorldEdit
  • 3 - Leader privileges. Can change the MOTD, delete the world, etc.
To specify a specific privilege, you can use "/world rank <user> <rank>". Optionally, you can use just "/world rank <user>" to toggle between privileges.

Can I allow visitors to my world?

Yes! Visitors are by default allowed to access your world. Visitors can NOT build in your world. If you don't want other players to be able to visit your world, you can disable them by using "/world visitors".

How do I set the world MOTD?

To set a MOTD for a world, simply type "/world motd <message>". This message will be displayed whenever a user enters a world.

Is there a way to group chat with users building in my world?

It's recommended you use the guild system, which enables you to group chat with a set of specified users. Information regarding how to use the guild system can be found in-game, by typing "/help".

What are the WorldEdit commands?

Information regarding the WorldEdit commands can be found here: http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit/Reference


If you still have any questions, please either make a post below, or ask a mod in-game.

Have fun!. To see info about the world you're presently in, type
Full members can use world edit: can we have a system for uploading our own schematics?

Also, there is an issue with the current world edit (as it is not updated to 1.2.4) that means that none of the new wood is in the system, and furnaces don't work when copying and pasting.

Also, how big is a world?
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Make sure you set (and restrict) the block limit on world edit. Making massive block edits (100 million+) is an easy exploit that can crash any server.
What size do worlds start out?
Are they expandable?
Is the terrain the same in all worlds?
Is pvp enabled/disabled/able to be turned on and off per world?
Will there there be limits on redstone usage?

This sounds like fun :)

edited to add another question
jeniansmom wrote: Is pvp enabled/disabled/able to be turned on and off per world?
I doubt you will be able to toggle PVP, as you don't have any health in creative mode. Assuming this server will be set to vanilla creative.
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