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By ChrisBrown95

I logged in the other day for the first time in probably around 3 years, and I was surprised to see that all of my plots were untouched. I remember back in the day, I used to religiously log in every 30 days to ensure my plots weren't made into public land.

When I last played the server, I had hid all of my chests in a secret area and was surprised to not only find the chests again but also be amazed at just how many items I had amassed, including a lot of chests full of diamond blocks and glowstone.

It's really strange to see the server inactive, and somewhat dead despite the amazing scripting that's on this server. To this day, I have never found a better Minecraft server out there in terms of scripting, commands, and the type of economy system. The only downside I felt about this server was the lack of players during the UK time, and the inability to transport around the world easily (for a new player).

I remember when I used to bring friends on to play the server with me, it would take ages walking through the netherworld's transport system to find my plots.

I was shocked to type /spawn today to find that Roanke is now all public land... This was once a really great spawn city and I remember I bought an unsightly 'mountain' which was really close to Roanke's spawn point which I had spent over a month levelling out into flat land. I then sold the land eventually for a good price, and moved further out.

It would be lovely to see the server be revived in someway to become active again, and it would be nice to see some sort of way to teleport to friends more easily rather than relying on the tracks system.
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By TornadicManiac
Glad to have you back!
Later this year, for MineRealm's 10th anniversary, we are re-launching with MineRealm V5!

If you haven't already, please go ahead and join our Discord server to keep up to date with developments as they happen.
You can join here: https://discordapp.com/invite/4YWXH4w
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