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By eah
I streamed this kind of content one day and got a recommendation from someone to put up a video, so here's an hour of me flying around the server and showing off some landmarks.

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By Nephalem
Really great! Love you for sharing!

Could I ask that you add timestamps in the youtube description of when you visit various sites.
XX:XX - Silverknightm's mansion
XX:XX - Arcane

I recommend viewers to set the speed to "x2" just to save some time on this long video.

Also a little rant against almighty server administration with my opinions (sorry):
1. Elytras should be endgame content available for everyone.
2. Quartz should be not be rarer/less abundant than iron ore!
3. Shulkerboxes should be endgame content available for everyone.
4. Variant ores (Granite, Diorite, Andesite) are should be abundant.

It might just be me(us) crying about things I(we) do not have, but I believe that we are missing out on some core endgame content. Again sorry for ranting, and thanks for reading.
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By Grelman
Watching this made me realize a few things:
1. I've never really spent much time in the northeast quadrant of the map
2. It'd be fun to have some sort of elytra course on this map
3. (big surpriso) made me miss 2011-2014 days
4. I've got some projects that need finishing
5. I'll probably always love this game and be playing it in some capacity
6. I love of our server, and if we ever had a successful reboot it'd make me feel like a giddy schoolgirl

None of us may actually play this game in the way we used to anymore, but touring our historic map is always a great experience.

I also couldn't agree more with you Neph, but I think at this point we're lucky the server's even still online.
By Bu1ld0g
Bring back the wild!

@Neph - Is the End infinite?
If so maybe requesting to increase the End borders would help in this?
I haven't played in ages so I honestly can't remember.

@Eah - Nice vid, could probably do with trimming out the options stuff but otherwise nice!

I went walkabout myself the other day on the server. It's depressing to see so many disbanded, griefed builds all over the map :(

Bring back the wild!
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By Nephalem
@Grelman: I totally agree, we should be happy MineRealm has been and is so persistent. I will always be playing here to some extend.

@Bu1l: I explicitly tried to address the issues and not propose solutions to them. The reason is that multiple solutions have already been suggested, but as unanimous agreement can not be reached, they have all failed. At this point, any if not all, solutions are valid and I believe Intelli can just pick the solutions he justifies as best.
By eah
I'm glad you guys like it.

I added a list of timestamps in the video description.

It was mostly improvised, so I'm sure I missed some other neat builds.

I think it would be more interesting if you just periodically destroyed the existing elytras and respawned them randomly in the end somehow.
By General Grievous
A new Spielberg is born, amazing video. Many thanks, highly appreciated :D

If there is a chance you do a part II, could you please visit the following locations?
Awesome castle: http://game.minerealm.com:12500/?worldn ... =64&z=2586
Another castle: http://game.minerealm.com:12500/?worldn ... 64&z=-1716
And more castles: http://game.minerealm.com:12500/?worldn ... 64&z=-4409
http://game.minerealm.com:12500/?worldn ... 64&z=-1815
http://game.minerealm.com:12500/?worldn ... 64&z=-1622
Mountain with squid: http://game.minerealm.com:12500/?worldn ... =64&z=1652
Beautiful village: http://game.minerealm.com:12500/?worldn ... 64&z=-2590
Lovely village (and close by another castle): http://game.minerealm.com:12500/?worldn ... y=64&z=972

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By Darth_Raven
Oh wow you flew over near me, the North East does not get advertised very often other than the grand cathedral.
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