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By Falconis
As I am trying to shift stylistically somewhat from a produced YouTube channel to a more streamed and live option like Twitch, I was wanting to know if we have any restrictions in the community as to what and how we stream from the server. I couldn't find any other posts on this matter and I would also like to know what the community thinks.

My intent is to spend more time on MineRealm, and I have a ton of stuff that I either need to finish building, or that I need to start from scratch. Instead of streaming MC Realms, I would rather do it on a permanent server that is still alive (albeit with shallow breath and a weak pulse). I figured that I could kill two birds with one stone, and since I am not popular on YT or Twitch, it wouldn't be an issue. My website partner and I have been streaming 1-2 times a week for the last month and it has gained us a few new followers each time, a few of which ask to play along with us. I recognize that it could potentially bring trolls over to the server, but it might also bring new players who could fall in love with MR like I did.
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By Grelman
Eh, what's a few more trolls in the grand scheme of things.

Yeah I'm pretty sure streaming minerealm is perfectly ok, I remember Spritzo used to stream playing minerealm, and advertised it in-game as well. Besides it is free advertising for the server which could use all the help it can get.
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