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By eah
I mapped out the plots along the line that the west transit tube branch is on and found that the only private plots keeping it from being completed to the world border is one plot owned by twistedanthony and some plots of xzor around x:-1625.

I was thinking the rest of the line could be built and a temporary route could be mapped out around twistedanythony's plot. I don't know how easy this would be, though, as there could be other private plots in the way.

Whoever is currently building it probably has a better idea than I do of how hard it is to contact certain players to get permission to build it.
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By Grelman
I remember a couple of years ago trying to get the west transit tubes going with the help of Syntax and we ran into the same issue. Xzor and twistedanthony make it impossible to go in a straight line and getting ahold of them is just as impossible because whenever they do log in it's for about 5 seconds to refresh their plot disband timer and thats been the case for several years.

I dont know what else to do about it besides as you say to go around, but with the lack of interest in this and not wanting to do it myself has forced it to be abandoned until something else is planned. It'd be nice to continue the East line as well but theres a private lands there also owned by people who barely log.
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By Grelman
Originally I wasn't going to do this, but I happened to see twistedanthony on today and decided to take advantage of the rare sighting to ask for perms to continue the west transit tubes from just outside spawn and he agreed.

Turns out it was only the one plot and with Tee's help I was able to extend the line all the way to
x-1500 where Xzor has 5 plots between the current tube and the other public side which has a clear shot to the border. It could be a while before anyone sees him online again though as he's already done his monthly log and I dont think he usually joins during when I'm usually active.

On the bright side however the west tubes have been added to for the first time since maybe 2015, so I guess if anyone wants to visit the area where the Intelli-wall starts roughly, it's there.
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