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By Eetrab
Frequently Asked Questions (Expanded)

The complete list of questions and answers compiled into one thread.

1. General
2. Gameplay
  1. Realms
  2. Commands
  3. Forums

3. Technical
  1. Troubleshooting
  2. Applying for staff
  3. Donating

4. Rules

This doesn’t solve your problem? Ask staff in-game or on the forums.


1. General
What is MineRealm?
MineRealm is one of the longest running public servers available. We offer a "legit" gameplay experience. Absolutely no items are ever spawned by staff - everything you see on the server has been built properly by hand.

MineRealm is a public, legit server, up 24/7 on a server with 16GB of RAM.

MineRealm is a server with the unique feature of allowing users to purchase realms. Realms enable users to buy and sell specific sections of land.

All extra features, such as realms, are coded by our own team of developers. These features are 100% custom and unique to MineRealm.

MineRealm is 100% free to play. In order to keep the server public, without requiring any type of registration or approval, our staff will perform random checks on users, to prevent griefing and/or hacking. Other information, such as the server rules, can be found in-game. If you have any questions, etc, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]

What servers does MineRealm have?
MineRealm has one primary server: game.minerealm.com. This is the primary and only server MineRealm has. Discontinued servers include apocalypse, party and creative.


2. Gameplay
i. Realms
So what is this ‘realms’ thing?
Realms are a unique aspect of the survival server, enabling users to claim land. The entire survival map is divided into 40,000 (50 x 50) realms. Within a realm, the realm owner can set the Message of the day (MOTD) and grant building privileges for other players.

Why realms?
The MineRealm realm system is a unique, evolving system. Users can earn realm credits, which can then be used for different purposes as the system changes. Realms also give players full control over the map, without causing restrictions, division, and don't force players on the server to be individualized.

How do I create a realm?
It is not possible to "create" a realm, as all realms are already defined on the map. You can, however, purchase a realm. To see info about the realm you're presently in, type "/realm" at any time.

How do I purchase a realm?
Realms can be purchased by typing "/realm purchase" when standing within a realm. You can't purchase realms already owned by another player. To purchase a realm, you must pay 10,000 realm credits.

You can purchase realms located anywhere on the map, except within Nether, The End, and The Wilderness.

For Information regarding the Wilderness please look here: http://minerealm.com/c/v/9629

How do I gain realm credits?
Realm credits are gained by placing/removing blocks. For every block you place or remove, you will gain 0.5 credits. To view the current amount of realm credits you have, simply type "/credits".

Can I sell my realm?
Yes. Simply type "/realm sell" within the realm. Selling your realm will give you back what you paid for it, minus a 10% fee. Optionally, you can sell your realm to another player, and specify your own selling price. To do this, type "/realm sell <user> <price>".

What do realms do?
Realms protect all blocks you place within the realm, so other users can't remove them. Additionally, other users can't place blocks within your realm. Also, any chests that you place within your realm can't be accessed by other users. Realms also give you the ability to set a MOTD for the realm, which will be shown when a user enters the realm.

Can I have more than one realm?
Yes. There are no restrictions regarding the number of realms you can own.

Can I let other players build within my realm?
Yes - to give a user building privileges within your realm, simply type "/realm member <user>" within the realm. Optionally, if you wish to remove building privileges that you've granted for a user, type "/realm member <user>". To view users that you've granted building privileges, type "/realm users".

How do I set the realm MOTD?
To set a MOTD for a realm, simply type "/realm motd <message>". This message will be displayed whenever a user enters a realm. You can set the MOTD for realms you own.

Is there a way to group chat with users building in my realm?
It's recommended you use the guild system, which enables you to group chat with a set of specified users. Information regarding how to use the guild system can be found in-game, by typing "/help".

Can I sell or rent realms to other people?
Yes and yes. You can sell your realm to another player. Type "/realm sell <user> <price>". Please note, you can always use "/realm sell" to sell your realm back to the server. This will give you back 10,000 credits, minus a 10% fee.

For this reason, it is never advised to sell a realm to another player for less than 10,000 credits.
There are no rules against renting out land. For realm owners, you can add building privileges to a realm by typing "/realm member <user>" within the realm. You can also remove building privileges, by typing "/realm member <user>" again.

ii. Commands
Help! I don’t know any of the commands for anything!
Don’t worry. Simply type “help” ingame, and the server auto-response system (aka ‘HelpBot’) will put you in the right direction. Also read the signs at spawn. Those are there for a purpose! The commands include:
/help - Display the help information in-game. Addintionally there are several commands for help
/spawn - Returns your player to the spawn point.
/trade - Brings your player to the public, secured, trading area. Additionally typing /trade again will return your player to the last known location.
/msg <name> <message> - Sends a private message to the specified player.
/server Displays the server health and number of players online.
/server players - Displays a list of all online players.
/sethome - Sets a home location for your user.
/home - Returns you to your home location.
/compass - Displays the direction you are facing.
/chat - Turns the public chat on or off.
/online <name> - Displays if a user is online or offline.

Be sure to look at realm commands in ‘Realms’ (above).

What about on the forums? What formatting can I use?
All the necessary formatting is included above the text box when replying to something/creating a thread on the forums. A more comprehensive list is shown below:

Bold text:
Code: Select all
Becomes: Example

Italic text:
Code: Select all
Becomes: text

Underline text:
Code: Select all
Becomes: Text

Strike through text:
Code: Select all
Becomes: Text

Code: Select all
 [quote="Name"]Quote Text[/quote] 
Eetrab wrote:Example…
Code: Select all
An example really is not needed for this.

Plain List:
Code: Select all
  • Text
Bulleted List:
Code: Select all
  • Text
  • Text
Upper Case Lettered List:
Code: Select all
  1. Text
  2. Text
Lower Case Lettered List:
Code: Select all
  1. Text
  2. Text
Numbered List:
Code: Select all
  1. Text
  2. Text
Code: Select all
[image]Image URL[/image] 
Becomes: [image] http://www.minecraftguides.org/images/blocks/Grass.gif[/image]

Code: Select all
Becomes: http://minerealm.com/community/

Code: Select all
Becomes: MineRealm Community

Font Size:
Code: Select all
 [size=Size Number]Text[/size] 
Becomes: Text

Font Color:
Code: Select all
[color=Color Name Or Number]Text[/color] 
Becomes: Text.

Code: Select all
Eetrab was here!
Center Alignment:
Code: Select all
Right Alignment:
Code: Select all
YouTube Video:
Code: Select all
 [youtube]The Part Of The Video URL After "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v="[/youtube]
iii. Forums
Is there anything else I need to know about the forums?
Of course. When posting for certain reasons, an appropriate format must be used. This includes auctions and ban appeals/requests. When posting, please post in the correct section (trading, bans, server discussion etc.) otherwise staff may delete your thread. Contact staff if you accidentally posted in the wrong section.

How do I format an auction?
The format is shown below:
Auction: [ITEM]

In-game Name:
Item(s) up for auction:
Starting bid:
Minimum increments:
Ending date & time (Specify a timezone):
Buyout Price (Optional):
If there is a reserve (Optional):

Screen shots are also encouraged, because they provide proof of items, and it's easier to show what you're selling.
If auctions refuse to follow this new procedure they can be shut down at staff discretion.

The ending date cannot simply be discretionary; you MUST give a certain length or a specific date and time. Auctions can only be extended by a maximum of 10 minutes after the end date if there are last minute bids. Can be used in combo with a specified end date (so only takes effect after the end time).

Items placed up for auction should be considered sold, credits bid should be considered spent. Neither buyers nor sellers may arbitrarily withdraw bids/items.
Items should be in the same condition at the end of the auction as they were at the beginning.
Sellers MAY reject bids from individual players, but should have a reason for doing so.
Players may have a reserve, but they should tell an impartial third party ahead of time if possible, AND MUST STATE ITS PRESENCE IN THE INITIAL POST.
A seller MAY end an auction prematurely, but they need to make a post stating their intent to do so ahead of time. Ideally, this post gives 24 hours of notice or more.
The seller MUST clarify any extension rules at the beginning of the auction, in the main post, if they think bidding is going to continue.
The seller MUST state whether items can or cannot be used as a bid in thier original post.

How do I format a suggestion?
Title Formatting
Idea: <My Idea> (Do not place any tags in your title)

Be clear
Please make sure to make it clear exactly what you are suggesting. Please outline the steps that would be taken to implement the idea.

Idea Acceptance
In order to have your idea accepted to be implemented, it must meet these formatting requirements, as well as having at least 70% of the votes on the poll being yes. As well, ideas must have a minimum of 20 votes within 48 hours of being suggested, or it will be rejected.

I didn’t place that tag!
You may notice [IMPLEMENTED], [ACCEPTED], and [REJECTED] tags beside titles. Do NOT manually place these in your title. Additionally, do not edit them out. These are placed by admins. Breaking this rule will result in a forum ban.

[IMPLEMENTED] = This idea has been implemented in game.
[ACCEPTED] = This idea has been accepted, and will be implemented shortly.
[REJECTED] = This idea will not be implemented.
[INVALID] = Invalid post formatting, idea type, or the idea already exists in-game.

I was banned! What do I do?
Post a ban appeal in the ‘Bans’ section.
Before Making a Ban Appeal
• Please make a forum account for yourself, the player who is wanting to be unbanned should be the one posting the ban appeal.
• Verify your IGN on the forums. This is required. (http://www.minerealm.com/verify)
• Ban reasons will not be given out to anyone but the player who was banned
• NOTICE: Players who have not followed these rules before posting a ban appeal may be ignored.

The format should be as follows:

Title format: Ban Appeal: Username
• Please provide a reason why you should be unbanned. If you do not know, kindly ask in your thread.
• Please keep a respectful demeanor in your ban appeals; this should include attempts at proper grammar and spelling.

I want to post a ban request. Is it the same format?
The format is similar. See below.
Title format: Ban Request: Username
• Please provide proof when posting. Any requests without proof will be disregarded.
• Please keep a respectful demeanor in your requests; this should include attempts at proper grammar and spelling.
• Ban Requests should not be used as a personal attack against another player.

Users are permitted to ‘bump’ their appeal once per day. Any more and the appeal may be ignored.


3. Technical
i. Troubleshooting
Something’s buggy and strange. Where do I report it?
Found something that needs fixing?

Please post here: http://minerealm.com/community/viewtopi ... =10&t=2484 , rather than making a topic, or a comment in a non-relevant topic.

I have a question…
Chances are they have been answered. Below are some frequently asked questions (Yes I know this is a miniature FAQ within an FAQ):

Who is the owner?
The owner of the server is Intelli.

What are the rules?
1. Do NOT disturb other peoples stuff.
2. Please place a sign on your property, to claim the area.
3. Only build on land that has not been claimed, or that you have permission to build on.
4. No Griefing, Hacking, Exploits, Glitching, or Cheating
5. Please respect Staff members and all other players.
6. No begging - mods aren't going to give you any items.
7. Keep the chat clean. No swearing, racist remarks, or any comments intended to enrage other players.
8. If you have any questions, please ask a mod.
9. Have fun!

Additionally if they want to read the "Official Rulebook" With all the rules listed they can go here - http://minerealm.com/c/v/4200

What are realms?
Realms are areas of land that are owned/controlled by leaders and members of the realm. Realms are only in the survival server. For most information on realms visit viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1455

How do I get out of spawn? How do I build?
MineRealm does not have a closed spawn. You can simply walk away from spawn to leave the area. You can build by walking far enough to reach public land (usually about 1,000 blocks) or by using the random teleporter. The random teleporter can be found by following the red wool line from spawn.

Are there starter kits?
No we don't have starter kits, you must earn everything on your own. (Also don't beg for items.)

Is there a shop? How do I trade?
There is no server shop. Any trades you make need to be organized between players. You can meet at the trade room by typing /trade. While you are in the trade room, you can type /trade to leave the room and return to your previous location. You cannot use /trade when you are affected by potions or beacons, or when you are in the Nether or Wild.

Is there PvP?
Yes there is several forms of pvp. To start in the main over world you can toggle pvp whenever you like by typing /pvp. This will flag you and you can turn it on/off whenever.(Note: When turning off there is a 5 seconds waiting time.)

The Nether, the End and the Wilderness are all full pvp and will always stay enabled. So be on your guard. For additional information about the Wilderness please see this thread - http://minerealm.com/c/v/9629

Can I lock chests?
If you wish to keep your items safe you can purchase a private realm. For info regarding private realms see here -http://minerealm.com/c/v/1455

Note: Griefing and looting are against the rules.

Does the Nether/End work?
Yes, the Nether and End both work. Both are full pvp and you cannot use /trade or /spawn to exit. Additionally there is no way out of the End, so once you go in you will never get out alive.

Are there mobs on this server?
Of course there are, but due to the massive amounts of animals farms/grinders they have been thinned out a bit and may be a little hard to find but they are there.

How do I become a veteran? How do I get a Donor tag?
To become a veteran, you must play on the server for one calendar year. To gain a Donor tag, you must donate at least $15 to the server. To donate or to learn more about donating, click here.

What mods are we allowed to use?
There are several mods allowed. Such as -
Shaders Mod
Chat mods
Convenient Inventory

Basically any mod that won't give you a advantage over other players. If you are curious if you mods is allowed just post and ask.

Can I grief/loot on this server?
Short answer, NO. Even if a place may look abandoned or have a sign like "Free stuff" always consult with Staff before touching anything.

In regards to looting there is two places you are allowed to loot which is the Nether and the Wilderness.
For more information on what is lootable please see this thread - http://minerealm.com/c/v/9720

Can I be OP, Admin, Mod, Staff?
NO. If you come in asking this that is the first answer you will receive. Don't beg.

Why does MineRealm not have TPA? How do I get around without teleporting?
Teleports are not given out because MineRealm is a legit server. There are other ways to get around: You can use the subway to travel in the overworld, or you can travel quickly in the Nether (Information on Nether travel can be found here).

Is flying allowed?
If you wish to be banned sure. Short answer, NO. You fly, you get banned.

Can someone spawn me items?
Short answer, NO. This is a legit server and Staff can not spawn items for themselves or others.

Can someone make it daytime/stop the weather?
Short answer, NO. Staff will not/cannot alter the time or weather.

Can a Staff member teleport me?
NO. Staff cannot/will not teleport players.

(Ban Appeal Questions)
How do I post a screenshot of a password change?
Well it depends on your operating system but here is some methods - (Note: Provide full screenshot showing the password has been changed with the name see example here - Password Change)

Windows - If you are on windows I assume, press your Prt Scrn key located on the top of the keyboard next to Scroll Lock. Then open paint and paste it and then save and upload to imgur.com or some other image hosting site then post here.

Apple/OSX - 1.To capture the entire desktop, press Command-Shift-3. The screen shot will be automatically saved as a PNG file on your desktop.

2.To copy the entire desktop, press Command-Control-Shift-3. The screen shot will be placed on your clipboard for you to paste into another program.

Rankings? What rankings?
The rankings are now available!
Check them out: http://minerealm.com/rankings/

The server is down. Now what?
Any server issues should be posted here: http://minerealm.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=132. Please, This thread is NOT for bug reports. Please report bugs at the following link: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2484
Staff get really annoyed at this.

Is it just spawn city? Are there others?
Cities are classified by areas in which players have set a spawn point. NOTE: This is out of date, and currently there is only one spawn point. More details regarding this can be found in the following topic: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2863
Spawn City
Location: X:0, Z:0
Leader(s) / Founder: N/A
Description: The main hub of MineRealm. This is where the very first spawn point was set, and is presently the most powerful city of MineRealm.
Location: X:-1009, Z:4230
Leader(s) / Founder: Intelli, mitchie151
Description: A small public town owned by TC.
Location: X:4931, Z:3240
Leader(s): SurgeonBSG, BSGSamuel
Description: A small, growing town with plenty of nearby public land

ii. Applying for Staff
I want to become a staff member. What do I do?
In light of a recent up-swing in the amount of Staff applications we have been getting, we decided to institute some new prerequisites for players requesting to be Staff. This is to assert our philosophy that being Staff is a somewhat more serious position than you may find on other servers, and that any random player with a hint of hope to becoming Staff will understand what they needs to do first.

Here are the requirements for even applying to become Staff:
-60 Days of Forum Age. This means that your account on the Forums is 60 days old (at least).
-18 Years of Real-Life Age. This means that you have been living for at least 18 years. We are essentially revoking the "under-18 exception" rule, as every single player we run in to abuses this exception and goes on to say "I am mature for my age", or, "Age isn't important."

This is what you need to become Staff:
Super Important #1. Experience - If you have been on this server for less than two weeks, we will not even look at your applications.

I just thought I'd take a few minutes to explain some of the core guidelines we look for in potential Staff members. If you don't fall under some / any of these groups, then you have something you need to work on.

1. Positive Community Image - One of the most important things for a Staff member to have is a positive image with the community. This means that you cannot be public enemy number one: you have to have mostly friends and only few enemies. One way I can very easily tell how cut out someone is for being Staff is this: If I see in their staff application that most of the replies are saying how the guy applying is a moron, a jerk, etc., or he's known to cause trouble, then he probably isn't really fit for being Staff.

2. Thorough Community Interaction - Another key aspect of Staff is that people need to know who they are. A player who is mainly a recluse in some log cabin on Survival server probably isn't the best pick for Staff. A very outgoing player who doesn't seem to be on anyone's bad side, however, is a perfect example of Staff: It demonstrates that they possess the abilities to make friends and stay connected with the community.

2a. Tenure (of a sorts) - This is closely tied in with Community Interaction. Most candidates who are asked to become Staff have been around for a while. This isn't to say that seniority is everything, far from it. Candidates simply need to demonstrate a commitment to the server. If it is your first day on the server and your first post on the forums is an application for a Staff position, you have very little chance of consideration. Generally, 2-3 months playing on the server is preferred before a candidate will even be considered. As was said in the previous section, people need to know you but they also need to know you're going to be around for more than just a few weeks.

3. Understanding Your Position - What is the job of Staff? If you cannot answer this, you aren't ready to be one. A Staff's job is to ensure prosperity on the MineRealm servers, be that through repairing griefs, aiding new, confused guys, keeping chat under control, managing disputes between players, etc.

4. Keeping Cool Under Fire - Probably the biggest one we look for. What this means is that Staff have to be able to take the BS players dish out at them, and can be sure to not dish BS back at them. By this, I don't mean that Staff should submit to insults, far from it. But they need to demonstrate that they doesn't take the idiotic antics of players personally.

I'm not trying to serious-face and say it's a serious job with serious business and serious cake, but you have to understand that Staff still need to have certain aspects about them. I'll add more of these if I think of any.

For the current list of leaders, go here: http://minerealm.com/community/memberli ... de=leaders

iii. Donating
Can I support MineRealm?
Yes you can. You can promote and donate to this server, to keep it lasting.

How do I promote MineRealm?
1. Make a post in the Minecraft Forums thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/157 ... vp-realms/
Doing this once per 24 hours also is extremely helpful

2. Upvote / Post in the latest Reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/mcservers/searc ... rict_sr=on

3. Find a minecraft server directory, and list the minerealm server! Any publicity helps - make sure to post a link to your listing in this thread.

How do I donate to MineRealm?
To donate, go here:
https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?c ... AN497GU9PA

To receive donor status, you must donate at least $15
Donor status is only guaranteed to last for a month (per $15).

Donor status gives you the [Donor] tag, and enables you to make your chat text coloured in creative.
Donations go towards paying server fees.

If you donate, please post your transaction ID, your in-game-name, along with the amount you donated here: http://minerealm.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=714

Please allow up to 1 week after donating to receive donor status.


4. Rules
What are the rules?
The official server rules, as established are the following. These are what we will always rely on.

1. Do not disturb other people's stuff
2. No Griefing
3. No Stealing
4. No Exploits
5. No Glitching
6. No Cheating
7. No Swearing
8. No Begging
9. No Client mods
10. No Flying
11. No Speed hacks
12. No Xray Hacks
13. Respect all mods and players
14. No Luring

However, some players have trouble understanding what is, and what is not covered by these rules, so I'm going to also include some common questions about the rules that are asked. Note that this list is not comprehensive. If you try to argue that something is not against the rules because you don't see it in the examples, I will laugh in your face, and point at the rules set out at the top of this thread. I will then ban you. If you want clarification on the legality of something, post in this thread, and a mod or admin will provide the answer. If you are doing something that you think might be of dubious legality, assume that it probably is, and don't do it unless we approve it.

What mods are allowed?
We do not allow any mod that gives you an advantage over other players. Xray mods, speed/flying mods, minimaps, and anything else like that is not allowed. Additionally, Xray texture packs are not allowed. Mods like optifine and improved chat are allowed.

Can I take stuff from chests in public areas?
No, that is considered stealing, and is not allowed.

Can I purchase the realm that someone is building in currently?
You are only able to do this if you have a legitimate reason to purchase that realm. If your goal is to harass another player, then it is a bannable offense to do this. Additionally, if you purchase a realm out from a player, you are required to save their stuff and give it to them. If you take the contents of their chests, or if you loot blocks they were building with, it will be considered griefing and theft, and we will ban you.

Can I steal stuff from chests in the nether?
If someone stores their stuff in the nether, it is at risk of being stolen from. You do not receive protection from looting in the nether.

Can I portal camp?
Yes. There are not many PVP rules in the Nether. You are not allowed to relog to gain an advantage in PVP. If you are being pursued, and log off, you should stay logged off for a while so as to not take advantage of the temporary invulnerability granted by logging in.

- In addition to pvp logging, logging to wait for backup to get an advantage is also considered as pvp logging and will be counted as such.

Luring is bannable. If you're unclear about what that is, well for example it would include someone saying "Come to the Nether free diamonds!" and then a cluster of people pile through the portals, with people on the other side, simply just waiting to kill anyone who comes through. If you want to give out diamonds, do so at spawn or trade.

We are also now enforcing a 15 block radius around the spawn portal. Within this 15 block radius you may not build anything for the purpose of PVP (if you wish to alter the area contact staff). This radius does not include "Traps."

"Traps" are allowed to be made. They cannot be built near spawn or off a main path unless marked.

"Traps" are allowed in the nether as long as they aren't within 50 blocks of the spawn portal. The same goes for the End except the spawn point instead of the portal. As for the Wilderness it's free game.

Can I destroy someone's building in the nether?
You are not allowed to grief buildings purely for the sake of destroying them. However, special consideration needs to be taken due to the PvP in the nether. If you use a building/fort to take shelter during combat, people are allowed to break walls/doors to get to you. One of the important differences between combat in Minecraft and any other game is the ability to build/destroy stuff on the fly, and we do not want to squelch this. Note that this only applies in the nether. If you are PvPing overworld and start destroying buildings, you will get banned.

Is pvp looting a bannable offence?
Pvp looting which is known as looting other players kills, is not a bannable offence. If you are killed or kill someone then any items dropped are free for anyone to pickup. This doesn't mean you can steal/interrupt trades however.

If both parties have a "battle" can it be rolled back by staff?
No, if you both agree to any griefing during a "battle" you must fix it by hand again.

What if griefing isn't agreed upon?
If neither parties agree to the griefing then treat is as any other normal griefing.

What if they griefing into someone's base to loot?
The griefing is allowed with or without consent as long as its repaired afterwards.

If a player is throwing snow balls or hitting me with a fishing rod and I ask them to stop and they refuse what can I do?
Contact a staff member, they will be warned if they continue they can/will be banned for harassment.

What do I do if I find a pig spawner?
Pig spawners are not a nature part of Minecraft/MineRealm(except creative mode), if you find a pig spawner please report it to staff. If you are found using/exploiting it, it will result in a ban.

See the rule update from 8/9/12 (Looting, Wilderness & Nether, Alt Accounts): viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9720

If you have questions about the rules, or need clarification about something, post in this thread, and a Mod or Admin will try to reply to you with the answer.

If I am banned, can I logon on alt accounts?
Staff have recently decided to strictly start banning alts of banned accounts. So if you are banned and found out to be on an alt account it will also be banned. Each account then must post separate appeals as per usual.

Are the Wilderness and Nether rules different?
There is now a concrete ruleset for players to follow. As Staff have stated before it is the same rules as the nether.

For those who are unsure of those rules I will post them here again for you:

No griefing with an exception, you can call them "Base wars", "Battles", "War" whatever you want but the rules go as follows. If all parties aka players or factions agree upon a "War" they are allowed to grief each other in any form such as using tnt ect. Also if all parties do agree to a "War" all parties should be able to provide screenshots of the agreement incase any dispute arises.

What about looting?
As you all know looting is allowed in the nether and is now allowed in the wild, we have also added a new addition to the rule. Placed valuables, defined as diamond, gold, iron, lapis, emerald, glowstone, obisidian, mossy cobble, mossy stone brick, cracked stone brick, chiseled stone brick, anvils, and enchanting tables, as well as raiding crops (wheat, melons etc.), fall under the looting rule.

*Exception: Destroying portals for the obsidian in them will be considered griefing.

If both parties have a "battle" can it be rolled back by staff?
No, if you both agree to any griefing during a "battle" you must fix it by hand again.

What if griefing isn't agreed upon?
If all parties don't agree to the griefing, then treat is as any other normal griefing.

What if they griefed into someone's base to loot?
The griefing is allowed with or without consent as long as its repaired afterwards.

If a player is throwing snow balls or hitting me with a fishing rod with pvp off and I ask them to stop and they refuse what can I do?
Contact a staff member, they will be warned. If they continue they can/will be banned for harassment. In general, throwing snowballs or hitting a player with a fishing rod is not bannable.

What if I break the rules?
You get banned.

What about freedom of speech? Can I say whatever I want?
Hahahaha! Free speech! No. You break the rules you get banned.

Most of this information was gathered from multiple threads throughout the forums.
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By dlgn

Eetrab, you are a lifesaver. And not the disgusting cherry kind. This is simply fabulous. Keep up the good work.

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By Ratta237
This should be stickied, or be posted on the wiki.
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By dlgn
Ratta237 wrote:This should be stickied, and be posted on the wiki, although the second part isn't particularly important because no one uses the wiki, and almost no one even knows it exists.
By Eetrab
I just realised, is this the 12500th topic?
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By Rokkrwolf
Good job Eetrab, now instead of a sticky since you can't edit this, would you mind if I just updated my thread with this info? I would of course give you credit in the post since you posted it then you can just pm me updates whenever you have them and I will throw them in. No since in making several stickies.

Also to cut down on the page I'd say split each section into Spoiler tags, then they can just find which section the want and open it to view all the info.
By Eetrab
Rokkrwolf312 wrote:Good job Eetrab, now instead of a sticky since you can't edit this, would you mind if I just updated my thread with this info? I would of course give you credit in the post since you posted it then you can just pm me updates whenever you have them and I will throw them in. No since in making several stickies.

Also to cut down on the page I'd say split each section into Spoiler tags, then they can just find which section the want and open it to view all the info.
Absolutely. Go ahead.
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