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By billknye
Spritzo wrote:He can't really fix the server because he's waiting for Bukkit to be released. hmod is going away, it is no longer being updated and Bukkit is taking its place.
At the least he could have left the old version up instead of well, nothing.
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By Spritzo
panthers17nfl wrote:So do we have an est until servers are back up spritz?
Not sure, depends on two things.

If Intelli wants to run the old jar, which I doubt because he doesn't want people sharing the old jar because Notch doesn't want that happening. Legal stuff involved there.


When Bukkit comes out, which might be soon, how soon? I don't know but it looks like they just added the code for the new dyed wool.

To keep updated on Bukkit check this out here:
and make sure to check out their tweets, most of their updates are there.

To learn about all the new goodies check out this:
http://minethe.blogspot.com/2011/01/min ... ta-12.html

And finally, lol at this:
By gl1tch
from the bukkit website
Although people have already been under the impression that we pledged to keep hMod up to date, this isn't the case. Prior to this announcement, we had not stated anywhere that we would be maintaining hMod and anyone believing otherwise was mistaken. However, we do recognise the predicament we've put server admins in as hey0 has announced that hMod is essentially no more, and Bukkit is not ready for public consumption yet.

As such, some of us - if not the entire team - will be trying to update hMod so that you guys aren't left in the dark without a server mod to use. We never intended to shut everyone out with our early announcement - we were just looking to drum up support from plugin authors so that we had things ready. We can honestly say that we did not anticipate the project blowing up with this much activity and interest this quickly, like it did.

Once again:
We will try and update hMod (at least this time), but we offer ABSOLUTELY NO promises that we'll be able to do it as a lot has changed and we are no longer as familiar with the project as we once were.
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By mastertegm
this may sound like a dumb question, but what is hmod and bukkit and why does minerealm need to have them to be up and running?
By panthers17nfl
mastertegm wrote:this may sound like a dumb question, but what is hmod and bukkit and why does minerealm need to have them to be up and running?
not sure about hmod, but bukkit is used for server admins and makers to simplify the server making process, er something along those lines.
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By cerevox
IIRC hmod and bukkit are the mods that do things like disable fire and tnt and diamond blocks, and give the admind/mods their magic super powers, or at least some of them.

So if we can keep any retards from setting the world on fire this time, it shouldn't make a difference.
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By mastertegm
errrrr, i wouldnt put the server up if i was intelli. no mod powers or admin powers+fire+tnt is probably not such a good idea...
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