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Intelli wrote:MineRealm 3.6.1
- Fixed it so inventorys should no longer be wiped when attempting to login while already logged in.

An hour or so ago, i was cutting down trees in my tree farm, and got dc'd. After trying to login for a good 30 seconds or so i kept getting the message "you are already logged in". After about a minute, i was able to get on, but for some reason i was at the top of spawn, where it says "go down this hole" or something. Not only this but all the items in my inventory disappeared, i went back to where i was, to see if i had died while i was offline, but my items weren't there, and it had good lighting, so theres no way a mob killed me.

Hopefully this is a rare bug, and thank god i didn't have much on me. :mrgreen:
Depends how you do it. If you use a redstone torch it will I think. If you use a button or swirch it won't.
If it does work, you could make an awesome cross-channel store using dispensers, redstone, and a water channel.
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