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Wait a minute...
Intelli wrote:7. Made it so redstone no longer gives realm credits when broken.
Redstone gave credits when broken? And I didn't realize it? And now it's gone? OK, I'll just sit in a corner and bang my head on the wall now...
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By Holkideath
Google Translated. Russian detected.

thats right, it's another random car ad. wth?
any way to stop the annoying russian car dealers?
TNT Cannons no worky? :(
Intelli wrote:
Prodigy9 wrote:So, a creeper only causes block damage if it was chasing the person who owns the realm?
Surgeonbsg wrote:So no worries of TNT cannons coming from close realms?
TNT cannons will not work.
Meh, its a good update and moving in the right direction. Almost back to PVP :3
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By Aelcalan
CalebTheCreep wrote:>.< I believe a forum ban is in order, eh? ^ Lol.
Don't quote spam posts, just report them.

EDIT: You didn't even report it! Little red "!", bottom right.
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