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By ryan1111100000
intelli can i get un banned or could i get the reason i was banned
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By LeafWarrior254
ryan1111100000 wrote:intelli can i get un banned or could i get the reason i was banned
Post appeals in the 'Bans' section.
Title it: Ban Appeal: ryan1111100000

This is spam of the forums, so needs to be removed
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By Aelcalan
Just click the '!' in the bottom right corner of the post to report it.

NEVER respond to spam, especially if it's in its own thread.
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By Susan_Boyle
Ah sorry, I looked for a report button but missed it
By Eetrab
mining_gal wrote:Um how do I like get myself back on the server because it says I'm banned, I don't understand I didn't do anything!! :(
Wrong section. If you do wish to be unbanned, then first read this:

then this: ... =20&t=7302

then this just to confirm if you did anything wrong: ... =20&t=4200

Create a new thread here following the guidelines in the threads you should have read above:

Edit: Grammar.
By avenger90142
im doing this for my bors account and he got banned so i want to unban him because he wants to play with me so plz unban him.
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By dlgn
This is not the place for your appeal. Appeal at
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