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By Intelli
Here's a list of the all the commands. You can also find this information in-game by typing "/help".

The following is all the help commands

/help basic -
/compass - Displays the direction you are facing.
/home - Returns you to your home location.
/m or /reply - Automatically replies to the last user.
/msg <user> <message> - Sends a private message to the specified player.
/sethome - Sets a home location for your user.
/spawn - Returns your player to the spawn point.
/trade - Brings your player to the public, secured, trading area. Additionally typing /trade again will return your player to the last known location.
/help advanced -
/chat - Turns the public chat on or off.
/credits - Displays how many credits you have.
/credits give <user> <credits> - Give credits to another user.
/discord link - Links your account to the discord.
/email - Add your email to the mailing list for updates.
/map - Turns Dynmap position tracking on or off.
/profile <user> - Displays if a user is online or offline.
/pvp - Turns PVP combat on or off.(Note: Nether and End are always PVP. Additionally if the "Mist" comes PVP is enabled till it passes.)
/help plots -
/plot - Shows you info about the plot you're in. (Coordinates are the center point of plot use /border to see edges)
/plot list <page> - Displays the plots you own.
/plot member <user> - Modify a players building privileges.
/plot motd <message> - Sets the motd for the plot.
/plot purchase - Purchases the plot you're situated in.
/plot sell - Sells the plot you're situated in.
/plot sell <user> <price> - Sells the plot to a user.
/plot users - Displays players with building privileges
/help buddies -
/b <message> - Sends a message to your buddies.
/buddy add <user> - Add a user to your buddy list.
/buddy list - Remove a user from your buddy list.
/buddy remove <user> - Remove a user from your buddy list.
/help guilds -
/g <message> - Sends a message to other guild members.
/guild create <name> - Creates a guild.
/guild invite <user> - Invites a user to join the guild.
/guild join - Join a guild upon receiving an invite.
/guild leader <user> - Add or remove a guild leader.
/guild leave - Leave the guild.
/guild name <name> - Change the name of the guild.
/guild remove <user> - Removes a player from the guild.
/guild users - Displays the members of the guild.
The following is unlisted commands
/event - If active you can use it to teleport to the event.
/lottery buy - If active you can purchase tickets to enter the lottery.
/lottery tickets - Displays your purchased tickets.
/pl or /plugins - Displays the servers plugins.
/server - Displays the server health and number of players online.
/serverhealth - Shows more advanced server stats.
/server players - Displays a list of all online players.
/store - Displays options for using your tokens.
/time - Displays the in-game time/year.
/tokens - Displays your amount of tokens for donating. Can be used in /store.
/ver or /version or /about - Shows the server version.
If you're new to Minecraft, make sure to check out this tutorial: ... er's_guide

If you're looking for information regarding the plot commands [Survival Server], look here:

For server information, go here:
Old School:
By eagleclaw6
Does this mean that /playerlist no longer works? :O
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By Intelli
eagleclaw6 wrote:Does this mean that /playerlist no longer works? :O
Either one works.
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By Intelli
boylan00013 wrote:What about /online I use that don't why but it works
Added to the list.
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By Sharingan616
dragoncrystal24 wrote:how do u check the map? is there even a map?
On the site's homepage, under "Useful Stuff" click "World Map". It's located on the left of the page.
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