Any updates, including updates to the game servers, will be posted here.
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By Intelli
MineRealm 4.6.0

New features:
  • Wiped public land and flagged realms (more info here)
  • "/reply" now includes the last person you messaged (read more)
  • Added "/@" command (experimental - "/@ [TAB]" for replies)
  • Added "/tokens" command, to see your token count (read more)
  • Added "/tokens give <user>" command to send tokens to other users
  • Added "/store" command, for purchasing ads, donor tags, & more (experimental)
  • Added swear filtering for text on signs (read more)
  • Added plot statistics and voting (read more)
  • Added a secret new gameplay element!
Changes & Bug fixes:
  • Updated biomes across map to match new world seed.
  • Fixed "/time" command and finalized spec (read more)
  • Disabled standard player achievements displaying in the game chat
  • Deprecated "/r", "/m" and "/p" commands
  • Removed unused clipboard functionality (staff only)
  • Fixed broken console parsing (staff / helpbot)
  • Renamed realms to plots (deprecated "/realm" command)
  • Disabled the wilderness (read more)
  • Fixed item frames in private plots not being fully protected
  • Credits are now given for placing saplings (read more)
  • Enabled sleeping in beds (read more)
  • Set ticks-per hopper-check to 0 (read more)
  • Enabled teleporting to trade with potion effects (read more)
  • Beacons are now private in owned plots (read more)
  • Fire blocks are now private in owned plots (read more)
  • Improved "/plot list" command to display total plot count (read more)
  • Improved the "/profile <user>" command to display if a player is banned (read more)
  • Misc other minor bug fixes (e.g. stuck rain after a reboot, broken chat during shutdown, etc.)
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By dlgn
TechnoProdigy wrote:
Intelli wrote:
  • Added a secret new gameplay element!
Might be the increase in mob spawning.

At any rate, this is simply magnificent, Intelli. Ignoring the shame of now living in a Swamp biome (and the dread of having to tell artraf that part of his house was wiped), I couldn't be more excited. This is exactly MineRealm needed, and you gave it to us.

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By faldette
Intelli wrote: [*]Renamed realms to plots (deprecated "/realm" command)[/list]
Welcome to MinePlot... o.o

Anyways, thanks Intelli. Look forward to seeing how the server is now. :3
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By dlgn
I really don't get why "/realm" was changed to "/plot". The only difference is the name, and our "realms" are what made us unique. "Plot" doesn't have the same ring to it. "Spawn plot" or "Spawn realm"? "Public plot" or "Public realm"? "Plot credits" or "Realm credits"? IDK about this, guys...
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