Any updates, including updates to the game servers, will be posted here.
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By Intelli
MineRealm 4.5.11

New features:
  • Added the "/realm wipe" command
Bug fixes:
  • Arrows now display under server health as "Arrows", rather than "Other Entities"
  • Fixed it so arrows are now counted as items for realm entity limits
The realm wipe command can be used to flag realms you own for the upcoming public land wipe. Only use this command if you want your realms to be wiped. Further information can be found here: ... 10&t=14872

The exact date of the land wipe has yet to be determined.

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By cubeguy314
Will the bug that allows players to take items out of item frames on private realms be fixed, or will you wait for the bug to fix itself in the next craft bukkit update?
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By Tee
monkeychunks wrote:I have heard that the regeneration of strongholds will not be happening. Is this true? Also will jungle temples with chiseled brick be generated?
Both really good things to find out by exploring after the wipe :D
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