Any updates, including updates to the game servers, will be posted here.
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By Intelli
Seems to go down everytime goes down.

Made a change in the settings, might fix the issue (so it doesn't rely on
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By Intelli
Getting this error when quantum_extreme logs in

at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(SourceFile:274)
at ff.c(SourceFile:1027)
at ff.f(SourceFile:1048)
at fm.a(SourceFile:37)
at ff.a(SourceFile:1072)
at ge.b_(SourceFile:48)
at gu.b_(SourceFile:28)
at lc.b_(
at gu.G(SourceFile:24)
at lc.G(
at ge.c(SourceFile:64)
at hz.c(SourceFile:26)
at ff.a(SourceFile:1644)
at fx.a(SourceFile:22)
at fx.a(SourceFile:37)
at fx.a(SourceFile:64)
at fx.b(SourceFile:96)
at fx.a(SourceFile:120)
at fx.a(SourceFile:158)
at ex.c(SourceFile:101)
at ex.a(SourceFile:39)
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1

Deleted his player file. If it continues, the player will be banned.
By Pyrmine
I have been banned now, hmm lets see... 3months? Could I get my banss of now please. I have made thousends of post to old minerealm post, none of them made difference...

Nick: pyrmine
By eagleclaw6
hellboy9900 wrote:Is it against the rules to make player/mob traps?
Why would it be? I certainly hope not!
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By Intelli
Spritzo wrote:you can make mob traps and player traps, just don't fall in your own traps haha
Yep, as long as you make them in your own area. (Not at spawn, public areas, or in some other players property)
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By savesthedazed
aqua797 wrote:and how do we become mods?
Ritual animal sacrifice.
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