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By Jeater
Confirmation number: 1GN74696VW6080724
Amount: $15
Name: Jeater
Game: Minecraft
Server: Minerealm
God: Intelli
Last edited by Jeater on Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:41 pm, edited 1 time in total.
By sysico123
I keep trying to donate but it says cannot donate with this type of card.. tried both go mastercard and a debit credit card.. any help i could get would be nice i wanna donate 60$
By nemesissyn
Donation details:

Donation: 15 dollar
Username: nemesissyn
Transaction ID: 6KP450663N609162E
By Surgeonbsg
Donated $30. Confirmation 3XA43320S19815012

Figured I've been around here long enough that I should help out a little.

Please, please, please though for the love of Jesus and Mary extend the world border. Sure there are plenty of public realms available for building but for those of us in need of Glowstone or Clay it's getting extremely sparse. To the point of not being able to even buy it. I'm not asking to convert that land into more realms. Leave it wilderness. Just let me at a swamp and an abandoned mineshaft so I can keep moving forward with our building plans. Please.
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By bcbarton
Confirmation number: 280083149X435252U
Amount: $360
In-game Name: bcbarton

By my math, this pays me up for donor status until Oct 2013 :D
Long live Minerealm!
Long live Intelli!
By _b3ast_
bcbarton wrote:Confirmation number: 280083149X435252U
Amount: $360
In-game Name: bcbarton

By my math, this pays me up for donor status until Oct 2013 :D
Long live Minerealm!
Long live Intelli!
:o if this it true....
By jailbird556
I Donated Again.
Donation Details
Donation Amount: $30
Total: $30
Confirmation Number: 4F027540MF830143E
In game name: Jailbird556
Purpose: Minerealm

Great server I will donate next month as well.
Sorry I didn't have my Visa card re-registered before.
By ImUrDaddy5150
Amount Donated: $15

PayPal Confirmation #: 9F5508032G498202U

IGN: ImUrDaddy5150

I was planning on donating sometime, but the new channel really gave me an incentive, (plus ILY SERVAH) :D

On a side-note, your last name is epic Intelli.
By sliderride
Intelli wrote:Thanks for your continued support!
Hi, would you like to have a donation in BitCoin?

Apparently you like cool technical stuff so perhaps you know some good (or bad ;) about BTC, either way, basically you install 1 open source program (linux/windows/mac work),
let it run (for 5 hours to download initial data. tiny cpu usage so ok).

Then you paste here your bitcoin address and anyone can send to it.

Bitcoins are like virtual game points, but they are "distributed", anyway you can easly buy some online services with it (hosting, domains, various services) and you can easly convert it to normal USD or EUR etc (and e.g. withdraw by paypal) in one of few "exchanges".

It you would do it then also, as an enthusiast of bitcoin / freedom occupy whatever and all such stuff ;) I would post to few friends that can make this server a bit more famous among the bitcoin users groups.

Either way, nice server (still could use more lag... ;) thanks.
By s292r
I think Intelli prefers really money.
Rather than plastic coins of the internet.
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