Administrators will post announcements regarding change in rules or gameplay.
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By v1RuX
IGN: v1RuX
Trans: 0TK48385TE250520R
Amount: 15$

Clarification: The amount above this post is meant as "thank you for 1.7". It does not affect the monthly subscription of the donor tag, therefore rokkr doesnt have to add it to my "donor time".
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By chammiefication
Trans: 0BM86111GK267501W
IGN: Chammiefication
Amount: $15.00

Thankyou Intelli for an amazing server :D
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By Rip_void
Hey everyone I made a little donation of $15.00 to this great server. Receipt number 2053-2611-0577-2974

Thanks. Rippy
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By Darth_Raven
Confirmation number: 8KN62640UC5707513
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By Tee
Confirmation: 90352449S5440901U
IGN: TeeJayDub
Amount: $30
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By v1RuX
Confirmation: 7U645268K41076310
Amount: 30$

IGN1: v1RuX
IGN2: v2RuX

(so 30 days for each of them)
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