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By fritterdonut
I donated $15 :D

Minerealm/In Game Name : Fritterdonut
Confirmation #: 7RR09361RJ0895628
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By FlannyFlan
I donated 15$ :3

Confirmation Number: 54293544CN7104032
Ingame Name: FlannyFlan
By jailbird556
I Donated.
Donation Details
Donation Amount: $15
Total: $15
Confirmation Number: 22832575XE3871839
In game name: Jailbird556
Purpose: Minerealm

Great server I will donate next month as well.
By BSGSamuel
Donated :D

Username: BSGSamuel
Amount: $20
Transaction ID: 5CF85424XP853420G

Thanks for the great times I've had on this server and the great times still to come, keep up the good work. :)
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By Vailure
Just dropped $20 on ya, will do more when I can, server is and has been awesome.

Just doin my part.


Confirmation number: 813297589H053743U
<-------Name in Game, lol
By w00daj
Just sent $30 your way. keep up the good work.

I emailed all the info to gain donor status but heres the info again. Transaction ID #73W3104429957393A
By Airlie91
just sent you $30 which equals something in £, hope it keeps her going a while! :)


Edit: my username has changed to KingSpartacus :)
Last edited by Airlie91 on Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:18 am, edited 1 time in total.
By _b3ast_
Just sent $25,
Confirmation Code: 07597818J12986420
IGN: _b3ast_
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