Administrators will post announcements regarding change in rules or gameplay.
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By Darth_Raven
confirmation: 9VJ45902F3725233R
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By SkullRose
Confirmation # 32K18117TS461480M
Donated $15
IGN: SkullRose

Miss my donor tag ;-;
By ppeettee
Confirmation number: 7B5490359P4412728
Amount: $20

Sorry I can't donate more for this great server.
By snoozefrenzy
Because I enjoy the Minerealm server, and I'm shutting my own down, I have donated $60.00 this time.

Thanks for running a great server, if there was anything I'd change, I'd say a wipe of public land every 6 months would be awesome, but I'm sticking around nevertheless.

Just mark this nickname as a donor for the next four months please. I can't help but be proud of that tag. :)

Transaction ID: 3JN14964FC1668727.
User avatar
By v1RuX
IGN: v1RuX
Trans: 0E060553KV8060255
Amount: $90 (Thank you for your effort regarding 1.7 intelli!)
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