Administrators will post announcements regarding change in rules or gameplay.
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By Intelli
Get ready to play Minecraft like it's 2010 with scarier nights, more difficult mobs, and pure vanilla style gameplay!

Join Old School MineRealm today at!

Quick Links:

1. Do not disturb other players builds or items without permission.
2. Only build on land that has not been claimed, or that you have permission to build on.
3. No griefing, hacking, exploiting, cheating, or any other behaviour that isn't in line with intended gameplay.
4. No begging; staff are unable to provide items or teleports.
5. Please respect the staff, and all other players.
6. Keep the chat clean. No racist remarks, or any comments intended to enrage other players.

To view our detailed server guidelines, please read this thread here -

About MineRealm:

MineRealm has welcomed over 265,000 unique players since our launch in 2010, and is one of the longest running Minecraft communities.
Old School MineRealm brings back classic Minecraft features, such as darker nights, accelerated fire spread, and enhanced terrain.

We offer a legit gameplay experience, where no items or blocks have ever been spawned in by a staff member.
You won’t find a pre-built hub on MineRealm! Everything you see on the server has been built properly by hand.

Old School MineRealm offers pure vanilla style gameplay, with public land, block damage from explosions, and much more.
All gameplay features on the server are custom-coded, as well as our well known grief prevention system, CoreProtect.

Server Specs:
Intel Xeon E-2236, 4.80 GHz Turbo
x2 500GB NVMe Drives (RAID 1)
1Gb/s network port
DDoS protection


Old School MineRealm is a public server without land claims. However, griefing is not tolerated, and anti-griefing systems are in place.
If you're looking for a server with land claims, please check out MineRealm Classic at

Old School MineRealm features a number of changes that make gameplay more similar to older Minecraft versions.
This includes enhanced terrain generation, a custom lighting system that makes nights darker, a custom health system, accelerated fire spread, and much more.

All gameplay features on the server are custom- coded by our own team of developers.
These features are 100% custom and unique to MineRealm.

More details about the server can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=0&t=1471

Staff Notes:

MineRealm is 100% free to play. In order to keep the server public, without requiring any type of registration or approval, our staff will perform random checks on users, to prevent griefing and/or hacking. Other information, such as the server rules, can be found in-game.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask a staff member, or email [email protected].

Have fun!
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