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By Intelli
I'm happy to announce that the ban list has now been fully reset, with over 40,000 users now unbanned.

In addition to this, we've modernized the basic server rules. The updated rules are as follows:

Server Rules:
1. Do not disturb other players builds or items without permission.
2. Only build on land that has not been claimed, or that you have permission to build on.
3. No griefing, hacking, exploiting, cheating, or any other behaviour that isn't in line with intended gameplay.
4. No begging; staff are unable to provide items or teleports.
5. Please respect the staff, and all other players.
6. Keep the chat clean. No racist remarks, or any comments intended to enrage other players.

In addition to this, we will now be easing up on how strictly we enforce the rules. In general, users will only be banned for repeat violations, and for blatantly disregarding the server rules.

Why was the ban list reset?

The earliest ban on the present ban list dates back to 2010. People change over time, and we don't expect someone who violated the rules back in 2010 to do the same thing again in 2020.

Additionally, a number of the bans were on accounts that were compromised. As many people have regained control of their compromised accounts, it would be unfair to keep them banned for actions they didn't commit themselves.

Finally, as we've updated the server rules and changed how staff enforce bans, many of the bans are no longer considered valid under our new system. Starting with a clean slate will reduce confusion regarding what's a bannable offence and what isn't, and allow the server to focus on what's most important -- the future.

Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for supporting MineRealm!
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