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By Tee
As of today, Mojang are allowing players to change their username (IGN) to any available, unique names of greater than two letters length. The old non-premium MineCraft user names that were taken by people back in alpha release when MineCraft was free, but who never registered and paid for MineCraft at release, have been freed up so names that weren't available when you created your account may be free now.

Have a read here and here for more info.

You can change your username at ... just sign in using your email address and click 'Change' next to your username. Note that you can only change names once every 30 days and that your old username is 'held' for 37 days before it is released for use by anyone else. That way you have the chance to change back if you decide you prefer your old IGN.

If you have an old MineCraft account that you log into using your username only and not your email account, you will need to migrate it to a Mojang account before being able to change your name. You can do that via

Changing your username will not affect your plot ownership, plot permissions, guild membership or anything else on MineRealm. Everything is now referenced by your UUID in the code, not by your name. Bans are also referenced by UUID so the existing ban list remains current ;)
By gallinka
Yay. Now I can change my IGN to something other than my email username (not sure if that is safe to tell everyone that is what my IGN is). This begs the question though, SHOULD I change my username. With alts and all, it can get a little confusing. I may start a poll to let the MR community decide. However, as per 'Robert's Rules of Order', I need a first and second before starting a poll/vote.
By eah
The best part is when someone executes the profile command on your old username. Their brain explodes when they read "eah2119" has never played on MineRealm.
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