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By Intelli
Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd throw up a quick post to acknowledge that today is the servers 4th anniversary!
It's been an interesting 4 years. So, here's to the next 4 years!

Looking ahead

I'll be honest - I don't have much time to put towards server development at the moment. I'n hoping this'll change by early next year.

Let's be real though. Most veteran players are "taking a break" from Minecraft at the moment. I know I'm personally not that interested in playing Minecraft right now.

When I do find some time, I'll be (finally) starting development of MineRealm v5. With this next release, I'll be attempting to take Minecraft back to its roots, with gameplay that's enjoyable for new and old players alike.

When this development is completed, I'm planning to re-release the server - this means the map and economy of the new server will be completely separate from our existing map. However, fear not - the current (v4) map will stay up as a separate server. The gameplay of the v5 server will be different enough, that I expect there will still be some interest in the old v4 server.

I'll be posting more information once I have an actual release date for the new server.

Feel free to post any questions below.

Thanks for supporting MineRealm!
By eah
I'm looking forward to whatever you have planned.

If I may suggest something, I think a bigger map (even infinite (up to what minecraft allows)) would be nice.

The issue of disk space could be solved by periodically delta compressing infrequently accessed chunks against the original procedurally generated chunks (keeping only the changes made to a chunk, not the entire chunk). Upon chunk load, delta compressed chunks need to be regenerated and the changes inserted. This is a tradeoff of processing time for disk space.

The issue of excessive chunk generation lowering the TPS could be solved by limiting chunks generated per tick.

Disk space can be further preserved through wiping land.

But maybe this is something for the developers of minecraft or the spigot team to do if it's even feasible.
By DragonSlayer155
I don't know how others feel, but I have seen plenty of active players become more and more inactive. I am one of those people.
The "taking a break" you're referring to is happening to me, because to be honest, I haven't as much time, nor not as much to do. I could start a build, that would be something, but I don't find making big structures interesting any more.
I would love to see a new map, maybe new rules, and maybe even a new, modded version of minerealm, with Tekkit for example. And the old map is available for a download somewhere, or still up, but on a lower cost-to-run server, where everyone is on spectate mode.

Or maybe I'm being too optimistic.

My Thoughts,

Either way, Happy Birthday Minerealm!
By gallinka
Happy Birthday Minerealm (belated). I am also one of those less active players right now. I have been inducted into a clan in WoT and want to try to do that 4-5 times a week. Unfortunately, this cuts into my Minecraft time (and thus Minerealm time, I don't do much SSP anymore).

That being said, I have a few ideas for a version 5.0. I think I have mentioned this before. I would really like to Skype with you, Intelli, and at the very least pass on some of my ideas for consideration. It would be great if I could help out with development but cannot commit any time to it right now.

In any case, as the British say - Cheers for Minerealm!
By Valendr0s
I've been playing some modded MC for a while now. It's very interesting learning about each of the mods, and very frustrating finding a public server that doesn't have the stability of a drunk egg standing on its head.

But I can't foresee a day where I don't view Minerealm as my Minecraft home.

Congrats on the 4 years. Here's to another 4! Cheers!
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By dlgn
Also one of the inactive vets. I admit, there's been less and less reason for me to play on MineRealm lately. The main reason I played in the first place was because of the community, and the more it shrinks, and the less there is going on for me to participate in with my friends (and foes, as the case may be), the less motivation I have to play. But I agree with Valendr0s: MineRealm is my Minecraft home, and I can't really see that changing as long as I play the game.

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I am also one of the players you are referring to. After I help build a large section of the north transit tube line I found myself alone in trying to continue it. The Minerealm map is really cool and being able to see others on the map is cool too. Lately I haven't seen many familiar players on, or at least I can't see them on the map. I think being able to see people and what they are doing helps with the sense of community. The thing I think that may have hurt that is the Mist. Because now people could use the map to kill other players.

Starting over in V5 sounds a little scary, it presents some questions-
1. If I build in a new server will that one eventually become like V4?
2. Will the problems that is facing V4 persist or even get worse because now it is not the focus of the owner anymore?
3. If I move to V5 can I transfer anything over?
4. Should I continue playing/building in V4 if I plan to play in V5?

Suggestions for V5 -
- Be able to buy plots in the nether.
- Be able to buy plots in the end and make the entry point accessible to everyone.
- Make the plots closest to spawn smaller and grow outward in size further from spawn.
- Improve social aspect of V5 with events like, contests, races, competitions and so on, and post the winners on the site.
- have tube transit built ahead of time, at least in N,S,E,W directions from spawn
- build an amusement park (ie IntelliLand) with things like crazy roller coasters and other wild contraptions.
- Make spawn the coolest place of all (1st impressions are everything!).
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By SkullRose
Also I think it would be best if "spawn" isn't "owned" by staff (or any member) due to all the complications we've had in the past about creating a beautiful spawn area for the server. Since those spawn plots were "owned" by specific staff (in this case) who didn't want to participate in making spawn better, spawn stayed "under construction" forever. I hope this can be fixed in V5 at least if both is not possible.
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By bahnchef
A completely new map with new rules and maybe even a different system of private plots might be a good idea. The v5 server just needs to be different enough from the actual one, this would attract attention to new players and veterans as well. For example, instead of the acutual rigid grid pattern of plots, there could be flexible, user defined zones to protect private land. I mean, players could mark the corners of a rectangle that they want to have protected. On the other hand this would decrease clarity and increase the plot management efforts for the players.

An infinite map as eah suggested would be really cool since it would contain a gaming experience that MR lacks: Exploring undiscovered areas, being the first to find rare biomes and so. If there is a way to tackle the problem of the needed server disk space, it would be worth a consideration.

In any case there should be a poll about which features/plugins/rules the new server should contain. Players should be given the feeling of participation.

It is sad that this anniversary takes place in a time of the decline of Minerealm. Personally I still join the server frequently but I don't feel like starting a new large build or project as long as I can't be sure that anyone will ever see it. In my opinion the hype surrounding Minecraft is over and that's the main reason why Minerealm and other servers gradually die out. Minecraft's best days were in 2011/2012 when the game was quite new and updates were released within short intervals. Since the 1.7 update, Mojang seemed to lose interest in continuing the development and prepared the sale to Microsoft which is threatening to ruin it in the long term. I think many playes are aware of this and are playing other games and thus are less active in MC.

I appreciate Intelli's plan to set up a second server. Maybe this is the only chance to revive the community. So, another belated Happy Birthday from me, I'm sure we'll see Minerealm's 5th anniversary!
By Valendr0s
Small plots will hurt the grandness of the builds if they're too small. It's tough to have a 16x16 structure that's interesting.

Maybe you could have a scaling price structure for plots.

Plots closer to spawn cost more, and have an added tax or surcharge based on the total number of spawn plots you own. The goal here would be to make it so most players could have at least 1 spawn plot, and almost no players would be able to reliably afford to have more than 4 spawn plots.

And I agree with plots in the Nether and End. You could even keep PvP on in either or both, but if you add plots in the Nether, you just have to make sure there are protected public works projects for things like wither pads and blaze spawners so they aren't hoarded by the elite.


I will say. I've played on servers with a 'Grief Prevention' system (the golden shovels). It's far harder than it needs to be. There's something to be said for just going into a pre-defined area and claiming it.
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