Administrators will post announcements regarding change in rules or gameplay.
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By Intelli
Hey everyone,

Due to performance issues on the server, I've had to make some changes to how the entity limiter works on the server. For those of you technically inclined, you can see a timings report here, which shows that the server TPS was dropping below 20:

With the new entity management system, entities on owned plots take priority over unowned plots.

The new, minimum, number of guaranteed entities per plot are as follows:

Public (Unowned) Overworld Plots:
  • 2x Boat/Minecart
  • x10 Monsters
  • x10 Creatures
Public (Unowned) End/Nether Plots:
  • 2x Boat/Minecart
  • x15 Monsters
  • x5 Creatures
Private (Owned) Plots:
  • 5x Boats/Minecarts (combined)
  • x10 Monsters
  • x20 Creatures (x50 if <=20 creatures in adjacent plots)
Monsters: Blaze, CaveSpider, Creeper, Enderman, PigZombie, Silverfish, Skeleton, Spider, Witch, Wither, Zombie, Squid
Creatures: Chicken, Cow, Golem, Horse, IronGolem, MushroomCow, Pig, Sheep, Snowman, Villager
As well, up to 5 pets (Wolfs/Ocelots) can now be on any plot, and not despawn.

Exceptions to limits:
  • The number of entities in a plot may exceed the "guaranteed entities" threshold if there are less than 100 entities in approximately a 500 block radius.
  • The limit for creatures in a private (owned) plot will increase from 20 to 50 if the combined number of creatures in the directly surrounding plots is <= 20.
  • Monsters less than 5 minutes old will not despawn in a private plot if the total monster count in the plot is <= 50.
  • Zombie Pigmen less than 5 minutes old, but at least 30 seconds old, will have AI disabled if exceeding the base monster limit in a private plot.
  • 2015-05-23: Increased monster limit for monsters less than 5 minutes old from 20 to 50. (Testing, may be reverted)
  • 2023-02-09: Increased boat/minecart limit for public plots from 1 to 2, increased creature limit for public plots from 5 to 10, increased monster limit for public plots from 5 to 10, and added new limits for the end/nether.
If you have any questions regarding these changes, feel free to post them below.

By Sandsnake
Going from 100 to 20 seems to be a pretty radical shift. Couldn't we have tried like 75 or something first? A little warning to cull down our existing farms and move some stuff around would have been nice too. I essentially lost an entire village because I had some cows in the same plot.

How does this affect mob grinders?
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By falareborn
Well first of all, the number of entity's was way to high. I assume it was so high because of the afk cluster farms, where tons of mobs gets clustered. I rather think that these kind of farms should not be allowed, instead of punishing the whole community for it. Because us with afk killing farms, where mobs get auto killed soon after spawning, are now broken. Any auto kill farm is pretty much useless now, since many auto kill farms consist of more then 20 mobs. Making the limit to like 50, should be enough to keep the auto kill farms running, and limit the auto cluster farms.
By eah
So it checks if there are more than 100 mobs in a approx. 500 block radius. If there is, then it goes through some of the plots in that area and despawns entities. Will it try to despawn entities in public plots before private plots? For example, so that animals spawning on surrounding public land don't cause your livestock to despawn.
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By Grelman
Could we have discussed this? At all? This is a very drastic change we have here. I speak for most of the members of this server when I say we really really would have appreciated some prior warning. So many of us have spent so many hours optimizing calculating breeding training all types of mobs. People will log on and lose these precious passives and will not know why.

I realize the importance of keeping the server performance high, but at what cost? Making an overnight change the ruins the game for a lot of people seems like a big decision to come to without telling anyone. Plus, the server TPS has been fairly good as of late even with all these mobs loaded from farms. Gold farms are something now that are keeping more zombies loaded all the time but in 1.8 do not clog like they do now. Pigmen behavior has been changed so that when a player provokes 1 of them all the successive pigmen that spawn will spawn provoked and charge the player making it so that there are no longer pigmen standing around in portals all the time.

Speaking of updates, I remember back after 1.5 the server tps was terrible, not much better then 10 tps at any given time. Recently the server has been experiencing more players during the day and the server tps seems to dip a bit. I dont pretend to know more about the server performance but this is such drastic change to make just for the tps being slightly under full performance. I really do love this server and I could not even now pretend I could move to another, but I feel confident that we can come to a reasonable compromise here. However for right now I dont see much reason to play and several of my friends dont either. So for right now I just hope we can come to a better decision on what to do here instead chasing people away with these very imposing changes to gameplay.

(edit: I logged on briefly today and saw just as many mobs loaded as there ever was with about 25 people on)
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