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akerz wrote:I vote MR chops top 4 blocks in height off all realms, make it all public.

Would make it easy to build a tube system.
Not a good idea.

Dirt ceilings or whichever would be placed. "Then have this area only for transit system".
Transit system would be everywhere and blocking aerial views of builds.
Also, would it be practical to climb 200+ blocks to use a transit system everytime?
I would rather go down 5-20 blocks underground.
Are the tubes a continuing work in progress or a finalized design?

There is some glitchiness achieved by pressing shift during transport.

If enhancements are on the table, here are some ideas.
-vertical tubes(for popping back to the surface)
-in flight turns(could create some cool Sonic like tube 'tours')
-Pressing shift causes instant stop(perhaps easy fix to above bug)
-pressing shift causes you to stop at the next 'pad' where a pad could be 4 blocks of diamond between two iron tube linkages

Thanks for the tubes. They have been fun to play around with.

FYI to server, I am finishing a tube in the -z direction from about -300 to -1800 if anyone wants to see about linking in
Hello MineRealmers

We, the Numpties, are currently planning the construction of an east/west transit tube starting near spawn. We would like it to be aligned with the old Skyrail built by Intelli so long ago.

This is a difficult project to plan since it runs through so many private plots, and agreement from the owners of those plots would of course be required if the project is to be successful.

We are planning for the transit tube to be located at y40 (transit tube floor level y41) on the 4 southernmost edge blocks of the y-75 plots.

Agreement has already been obtained from a number of plot owners along the proposed route. Please see the attached image where the RED line shows those plots that we already have permission to build in, and shows the alignment of the proposed tube route.

We would therefore like to ask Alexrybicki, Infamouspally, TornadicManiac, VVolfie and Rokkrwolf312 if they would be kind enough to allow the tube to be constructed along the proposed alignment in their y-75 plots.

We would provide all the resources needed and are happy to undertake the construction of the tube also if the plot owners would like us to do so.

Thank you for your time
The Numpties

In regards to people claiming the tube transport system isn't "vanilla", I'd like to argue that it's closer to "vanilla" than any of the teleport commands, such as /spawn, /home, /trade, and deffinately more "vanilla" than having a complete warp system.

Transport tubes are only slightly faster than the 100% vanilla portal system (aka nether travel), but with more convenience and safety. As well, unlike a warp system, they actually require time and effort to build.

Oh, and they're actually unique. You can find warp systems on any other server. Tube systems? Not so much.
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