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Hey everyone,

I'm happy to announce that a new, experimental, feature has been added to the server: a tube transit system!


With the tube transit system, overworld transit is back in style! To get started, check out the demonstration tube at spawn.


Simply step into a built tube, and you'll automatically be transported.


Creating transport tubes is simple.

To create a transport tube, you need to place multiple links, 2 blocks apart.

A link is composed of 8 iron blocks + 4 redstone torches, as shown in the following screenshot:


Links should be placed 2 blocks apart.


Once multiple links have been placed, you'll be able to start using the tube. Encasing it in glass is recommended.


Post your feedback below! This post will be updated with additional details if necessary.

Bug: After a few tests at spawn, i figured out that adding pressure plates propels you forward a bit more than it should.

Bug 2: Holding space while traveling through allows you to fly up. but you can only go up, not down or any other direction like so:

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This seems nice and all but wont this make the server look more chocolate than vanilla? if you know what i mean. I know we implemented the random teleporter at spawn but that will not give the players any advantages due to that you dont know where you will end up. To me this seems like ( and please correct me if im wrong ) players will be able to set this up to custom locations and give themselves a small gameplay advantage. Dont take this the wrong way. I like the idea and all but are we sure we wont put our legit reputation on the line? but like i said i like the idea very much and im not against it. Just so you guys know :)
mitchie151 wrote:Seems very unnecessary, MineRealm already has a tiny map.
This is pretty far from its vanilla/legit roots.
Spawning in quartz when 1.7 came out wasn't exactly legit, but I didn't see everyone complaining about that. :P

I think this is a pretty interesting idea and perhaps it will make iron a viable commodity again, and / or create an overworld transportation renaissance and the subway will finally serve a purpose...
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