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By Intelli
Hey everyone,

As you may have noticed, the server went down around 5PM PST on May 15th. Upon investigation, we determined that there was a hardware failure, and sent a request to our datacenter to perform a full chassis swap.

Upon bringing the server back up, we found that the world data for the server was severely corrupted (server wouldn't start up), and that data would have to be restored from backups.

However, upon going to our backups, we found the latest backup was made on May 11th. Backups are supposed to be made ever few hours, so after doing a bit of debugging, I determined there was filesystem corruption, and ran a file system check, which took several hours.

Once I had once again brought the server back up, I had to repair our MySQL tables, which were corrupted, brought the backup system back online (wiped corrupted backup data + re-synced), and then copied over the world data from May 11th.

Fortunately, we utilize a powerful plugin named CoreProtect ( ;) ), and I was able to restore over 1.3 million rows of block data for the past 5 days. However, inventories & chest data will be at their May 11th state.


At this point, I'm doing a bit of final cleanup, such as having Dynmap re-render world data. However, the server is now back online, and should be stable.

Unfortunately, inventory & chest data will be stuck as-is; staff members are not able to spawn items, and will not be able to restore chest contents. However, considering the amount of data corruption that occurred, we're lucky that we were able to restore as much data as we did.

Thank you for your understanding, and thanks for supporting MineRealm!
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By falareborn
Monsieur-Mouette wrote:Great, everything gone. Not any compensation?
Like what? We are a 100% legit server, so we can’t spawn items or give credits as compensation. These things can happen (we normally have a backup). I lost a chest of enchanted tools (been grinding exp the last days), sucks but this is how it is. Take a deep breath, and start over :)
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By falareborn
DarelleZindad wrote:This also means if I had placed dia-blocks between may 11th and today they'd be both on the map AND my chests/inventory?
No it means that EVERYTHING you have done between 11th of May and 15th of may has been undone. Your inventory, chests and buildings etc are back to the state they were at the last backup of 11th of May.

So in your case: the diamond blocks you placed, are gone. And if they were in your chest/inventory when the last backup occurred (11th of May), they will be on the place where they were at that moment. So if you mined those diamonds between 11th of May and 15th of May, they are lost.
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By Tee
Have to correct you falareborn. Inventory and chests are back as they were on May 11 but any physical terrain changes (placing/removing blocks) between that save and the moment of the crash have been reconstructed using CoreProtect logs.

Chests and inventories are unfortunately still as they were at the time of the May 11 save though. Credit balances are completely unaffected by the corruption and are as they were at the time of the crash.

Intelli has also said that the corruption affected the main world only, so the Nether and End worlds have not required any modification and are exactly as they were at the time of the crash.
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