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By Aelcalan
Recently, we seem to have had some problems with people hotlinking images, posting them directly from the original website, like this:
See how it says to go to their website? That's because it linked directly to the image there. DON'T DO THAT. Either save it and upload it here, or upload it to a site like imgur, and link THAT image instead.
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By Roobean
Aelcalan wrote:-snip


".jpg .png .gif .bmp .tiff .svg"

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By SuperCreeper007
I'm not sure if this is what Ael meant, but I noticed that when selecting options like copy forum code on other websites to automatically generate the code for posting pictures on forums, they do things like this:


If you know how forum codes work, or even if you don't, it seems fairly obvious that this is more than an image. This is also a link to the site, which means that when you post the image on the forums it will also act as a clickable hyperlink and if anyone clicks on the image by mistake it will redirect them to the site. So, please, before posting an image make sure it is only [img]something[/img].

Sorry if I'm basically saying what Ael said, I just wasn't sure what he meant.
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By dlgn
I believe what Ael means is that you shouldn't post the URLs of images directly from sites, because they often don't show up, and they require you to go to the site to view them, which is bad. So, if you want to post an image from a site like Funnyjunk that does that sort of thing, download and post it on imgur or something, then link it from there. That way, it's more convenient for other users, and it doesn't advertise for other websites.

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By Life_is_a_party
Well, again, it worked alright for me.
And, again, it won't be happening again.

I apologize, and though I've been on the forums for a little while now, I'm still getting use to it. I think I've got a pretty good understanding, but I'm still working on getting use to it.
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By Life_is_a_party
Joey791 wrote:that's why I always hit the preview button before posting pictures and screenshots
Well, it worked on the preview, too... I always make sure to hit that before I make a post. I wouldn't have posted it had I known it wasn't even the picture I thought it was.
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