Administrators will post announcements regarding change in rules or gameplay.
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OneManWo1fPac wrote:Noone really found it "fine" when it happened to the other sides, Vortexs members were the first to go, we wernt happy and no other pvpers were on to opinionate. Then other sides got banned, those sides then were somewhat frusterated. Even non pvpers that have been here for a while (ex:prodigy9) he's not a pvper. But he still thought the same thing. I don't think anyone was ever "fine" with it. I talked to rokkr privately. Rokkr explained it in a much better manner then anyone. Anyone still confused/ disagreeing with what happened. Ask rokkr. He makes his point seem very valid.
Just to note all parties were banned at the same time.
Yeah I meant more along the lines of cortex was really the only group on to know about it/be informed about it
I've seen some conduct policies that are specific on rules, but ensure that loopholes are covered up with words, "but is not limited to"
For example. PvP logging on Sunday's is forbidden and is not limited to one logging out and logging in to gain an advantage." The words "is not limited to" leave room for staff decision on a matter and will prevent loopholes from being exploited (such as VVolfie's light blue scenario)
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