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By Intelli
I'm happy to announce that MineRealm is now 10 years old!
To commemorate the occasion, we've launched Old School MineRealm.

Start playing now at!

Old School MineRealm was inspired by MineRealm 1.0 which launched in 2010, and brings back a number of gameplay features found in Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 and earlier.

  • Vanilla gameplay with the latest functionality of Minecraft 1.16.3.
  • Custom lighting system that makes nights darker (and scarier). Skipping nights is disabled.
  • Customized terrain generator to be more similar to older Minecraft versions, with more variety in generated terrain.
  • Changed health system so that food directly restores hearts.
  • Changed hunger system so that it automatically regenerates over time (sprinting now requires cooldown periods).
  • Changed mobs to have increased damage during the night/mist/Nether, as well as to sprint while chasing a player that’s sprinting or in the Nether.
  • Changed creeper explosions to not cause block damage on terrain unmodified by players.
  • Changed fire spread to accelerate faster, with increased burning range. Player placed blocks have an increased chance of igniting.
  • Implemented togglable PVP, with always-on PVP in the Nether and End.
  • Implemented a linked chat system with the MineRealm Classic server.
  • Implemented player profiles, as well as /spawn and /home commands.
  • Implemented cross-server buddy and guild systems.
  • Implemented the following classic MineRealm features: custom weather, reduced phantom spawns, mob limits, the mist, anti-cheat system, and the credit system.
  • Credits earned on Old School MineRealm can be used in the MineRealm Store (/store), or on the MineRealm Classic server.
  • The food bar is now a sprint bar, and care should be taken to manage your remaining stamina.

For additional server information, please visit
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