Post any ban appeals or ban requests within this forum.
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We are updating our bumping/ban commenting policies as follows.

Bumping -

  • Users are permitted to bump their ban appeal once per day.
  • If you bump your appeal more than once per day this will result in it being rejected.
  • You may only bump your appeal. Bumping another players appeal is not permitted.
  • Additionally you may only bump once per day if it isn't one the first page.
Ban commenting -

This is in regards to comments that are completely irrelevant to the appeal in question. As such, we have implemented stricter ban commenting rules. If you violate them, you will receive a warning or forum ban. A few questions you might want to ask yourself before you comment on any appeals/requests:

  • Do I have personal knowledge of the circumstances of this players ban, and is my comment for the purpose of sharing the knowledge?
  • Is my comment phrased such that a new player would not confuse me with a mod making an official decision about their appeal?
  • Will my comment not cause any flame wars or debates?
If your answer to any of these questions is not "Yes", then you should not be commenting on the thread. If staff determines that your post is pointless, we will give you a ban for some duration. The duration of the ban will vary based on how often you have done it, how bad your comment is, and the mood of whichever staff bans you for it.

If you do get banned, and you feel that the ban is entirely unfair and appeal your ban, unless your appeal is extraordinarily well written and well reasoned, it will automatically double your ban duration.
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