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By General Grievous
cerevox wrote:Previously I had simply assumed that you were a new person and had not bothered using the search function to discover the previous court system that was tried, but now I am convinced that you are in fact dumb. You can keep arguing for a court or whatever, I won't keep explaining to you why it won't happen.
Good to read that you finally shut up... you didn't give any arguments, but lots of word. And if you judge all people you meet with your very poor judgement, I understand that your sole life is done online. Get a real life.

By BSGSamuel
Grievous, although it may seem harsh, you have to understand that it can get very irritating seeing people suggest the same thing over and over again after it has been shot down multiple times. This is why people who have been on the forums for a while get a bit mean when yet another person didn't bother to check whether something had been suggested already before posting.
By mitch1423
Good Job earlier Cerevox. Was very entertaining and enlightening to read.

On Topic: I think that these should probably be updated...
By CirJohn
Dear General Grievous,

Please stop posting. Your bad idea is bad. It has failed in the past, and it won't be attempted again.

You fail arguments are fail. Using inflamatory and unfounded accusations only works on the uneducated masses. Minerealm is pretty decent at filtering those out. The majority that stick around tend to avoid the forums. You appear to be the exception. I hope you eventually mature enough to realize that abusing freedom of speach is just as bad as not having it.

Please die young,
By General Grievous
BSGSamuel wrote:Grievous, although it may seem harsh, you have to understand that it can get very irritating seeing people suggest the same thing over and over again after it has been shot down multiple times. This is why people who have been on the forums for a while get a bit mean when yet another person didn't bother to check whether something had been suggested already before posting.
Ehm... please search for court, you won't even find the reason why it didn't work out ON THIS SERVER (in capitals because you should try to understand that on other server it seems to work AS ALREADY STATED)... so, just to find an idea irrelevant (and then to offensive people like someone else did) and NOT to ask why it didn't work out is not the right approach. However, I just realized that here are too many people who have no idea how to improve the business model of this server over the long run, so PLEASE FORGET IT.
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By Duvelmans
No. In no situation should you even "consider" clicking the attack button. Let them kill you, even if you have a stack of diamonds on you. Any PvPing near the portal is illegal when one player has just entered the room. There is to be no confusion of that. (Any lost items can be force dropped by an admin)
I'm sorry to dig this up again, but I've read this whole thread and I've seen all possible answers. I'm completely confused now. So I'm gonna describe what happened to me and I hope any of you will help me with a straight answer. I've discussed this in the chat and I got all kinds of answers too. What happened is this:
I entered the nether through the portal near the central spawn (new as I am, I intended to harvest blaze rods and glowstone -- I know now that was kinda stupid and naive). The moment I entered the portal I was attacked (within a couple of blocks from the portal (2-3)).

As far as I can tell that was illegal right? I'm not looking to get my stuff back or anything, but the one who did it (won't state the on the forum), told me repeatedly that it was all legal and normal. A lot of ppl on the chat mentioned "Everyone is doing it, or at least 1/3 of the population". So I still don't know the truth of it.

Oh and btw, I didn't fight back in any way, just ran for it, but he was faster, I suppose through use of a speedpotion.

What bothers me is that I never got the warning, maybe I was blatantly ignorant, but there's no warning sign near the portal, I checked that pvp was off in my case. So I assumed I ccould at least enter safely. Please help me out here to get it straight!

Thanks for any thoughts on the matter in advance!


By BSGSamuel
kerovon wrote: Q. Can I portal camp?
A. Yes. There are not many PVP rules in the Nether. You are not allowed to relog to gain an advantage in PVP. If you are being pursued, and log off, you should stay logged off for a while so as to not take advantage of the temporary invulnerability granted by logging in.

Luring is bannable. If you're unclear about what that is, well for example it would include someone saying "Come to the Nether free diamonds!" and then a cluster of people pile through the portals, with people on the other side, simply just waiting to kill anyone who comes through. If you want to give out diamonds, do so at spawn or trade.

We are also now enforcing a 15 block radius around all spawn portals. Within this 15 block radius you may not build anything for the purpose of PVP. This includes portals close to Roanoke, Abyssus, and Spawn City.
Read the OP for the actual rules. Portal camping is allowed.
By Anarchaos
I get a lot of the following situation in game, and I am wondering what the official rules about it would be:

Someone Else: I think Chocolate ice cream is the best.

Me: I prefer Vanilla, myself.

Someone Else: Shut up no one is talking to you, God you're such a moron.

Me: I can talk about my love for Vanilla Ice Cream all I like.

Someone Else: Haha oh wow, you're so stupid. Chocolate ice cream is way better and if you argue with me I am getting you banned.

Me: What's wrong with Vanilla?

Someone Else: OMG this must be the dumbest person on the planet... you are obviously trolling, Chocolate is Intelli's favorite ice cream and if you disagree you are banned for trolling, banned for liking Vanilla and banned for arguing and banned because I don't like you.

Me: That seems unreasonable.

Someone Else: Read the rules, moron. It clearly states that you have to RESPECT ALL PLAYERS, and you are being disrespectful by disagreeing with me about chocolate ice cream, you stupid idiot. Quit trolling.

Me: Nope, Vanilla is Ice Cream is awesome!

etc etc

TL;DR People constantly threaten to get me banned for "trolling", which in this case, I would understand "troll" to be another word for "someone I don't like personally". I don't see anything about "trolling" in the official rules.

Is "trolling" against the rules? If it is, what *precisely* does trolling mean? As I said, people use the term very often and loosely, and the term should be exactly defined if it is a bannable offense.
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By Falconis
In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4] The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: "That was an excellent troll you posted".

While it is a subjective term, it should be clearly a negative action. So I take trolling as someone purposefully trying to disrupt conversation by posting innapropriate materials, or intentionally trying to harass another player just to get them worked up. It's like flaming, instigating, griefing, or heckling.
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