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Should this appeal/request be accepted?

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By Alvesta
I have been banned for xray hacking again.
This time I was mining diorite beyond the old world border for a new building project. I was digging at level y=11 to take also all diamond and lapis on my way. Obviously I was quite lucky finding diamond because I got banned when mining the 32nd ore block within less than a half hour. Some of the diamond ores were visible from the caves I walked through, the others were enclosed by stone. I found these ones legitly by strip mining and by mining the diorite clusters.

I don't use any hacking mods that helped me finding them. Either it was just luck, or diamond ores are more common in the new parts of the map. At least I can't remember that I have ever found that much diamond in this period of time before.

Therefore I ask to be unbanned and to review the 32 blocks ban trigger.
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By Alvesta
Is there a chance that I can get unbanned?

All I can do is to promise that I won't make use of any sort of x-raying and cheating tools in the future. I have been banned back in 2012 for x-raying (with my first account Bahnchef) which was correct because I had used a cheating program. Since that time I have been mining legitly and will continue to do so.

Because it is probably impossible for me to prove that I found the diamonds legitly, I'd suggest that I'll burn them in case I can get back on the server.
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By Intelli
Unfortunately, the mining patterns and data is highly suspicious, and we were unable to determine if it was a false positive.

You'll be unbanned in a week, on August 15th (30 day ban)
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By Alvesta
Thank you.

From my memory I can confirm that the patterns might be suspicious. The last diamonds were only a few blocks behind a cave wall and I mined accidentally toward them. An x-rayer would have probably done the same.

To avoid trouble like this and any suspicions, I'll mine only in straight lines and return /home after a low amount of diamonds found.
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