Post any ban appeals or ban requests within this forum.
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Should this appeal/request be accepted?

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By BradenM64
I believe you've lost most of the regulars respect quite honestly, habcraw. Going back to my original statement, all of the regulars get along with IronLass well enough, you're the only one that seems to be making a big deal out of some simple sarcasm that was even apologized for.
By habcraw
I wrote this thread before the private apology, Braden.

Why would I have lost regulars respect? Explain why to me if you want me to understand. The first thing IronLass ever wrote to me was me being an Imbacile for thinking a villager was milking a horse. Yet you keep ignoring this very fact and saying it's my fault etc.

You also keep ignoring the fact. Being called Imbacile without having any prior conversation with IronLass. How is that respectful? Sure if you don't mind being called that maybe someone could try that on you.

I was thankful for the apology as I said(in regards to today). Yet you keep ignoring the situation. I don't mind what was said in hindsight today. It was all good. But you keep making factless statements. I was done with the conversation until you guys came here to give your personal opinions which aren't based on anything but your own experiences with this person. And ignoring what was actually said.
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By BradenM64
This entire thread came to be because you were so quick to try and get someone banned, without trying to talk it out with them first. This is why most regulars would strongly disagree with you. While yes, it is odd to be called an imbacile within the first interaction with someone, an apology was made once the realization was made that offence had been taken. If you didn't want anyone's personal opinions on the matter you wouldn't have been so quick to make the post publicly, and you would have deleted it once the apology was made. I sincerely hope that you understand where we are coming from at this point, and that everything can be settled.
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