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Should this appeal/request be accepted?

By goingsnowman
Hello my in game name is goingsnowman i have been ban for griefing and stealing from other players i have done one nice thing i have fixed a griefed house i am very sorry i think its a little outrageous that you perm ban me but i do respect what you have done a staff on the discord sent me the link to the rules i looked over the rules and know what to do i can see if you ban me for a week or two but perm ban is wrong i have learned what to do now if im unban and i will be a admin on a server soon so you know that i can be a good person. from goingsnowman thank you for reading
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By Rokkrwolf
Trying to justify you've fixed a house is a good deed is null and void. You stole and griefed from several different places, moved into a random persons home, then tried to use the stolen stuff to trade.

When you failed to get anyone to bite they called you out and you continue to lie claiming people gave diamond blocks ect. then you just took all the stolen stuff and threw it in the trade chest to try to hide it.

I do agree a permaban is quite harsh but for someone who is going to be an admin on another server, how can you think any of this was ok?
By goingsnowman
hello i do see your point how i would think its ok i just do not know what was going through my head at the time i guess i kind of thought the server was a kind of factions server because i never read the rules until i was ban and yes i did put it in the trade chest because i felt bad for doing it and wanted to start fresh and try to be a better player/person and thank you for reading from goingsnowman
hello thank you for giving me a second chance it means alot i will use this time to think of what i have done and im dearly sorry for what i have done i will do better next time from goingsnowman thanks for reading
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By Intelli
You've already been unbanned.
Last bumped by goingsnowman on Sun Jul 07, 2024 10:32 pm.
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