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By General Grievous
My train of thought: It's Saturday evening, anything meaningful to do? Been on this server for 10 years, saw all the good and the ugly, so what's the next step? Most of the times it's me who needs a staff member, so, why not becoming one and give something back to the community (in particular to the beloved Lord of MineRealm (not you Intelli - are you still alive anyway? Mr. G, I meant you and if you ever lose your ely again, I will be there!))? About me as staff: Don't mess around with me. Otherwise I shout at you. Or kick you. Hard. Twice. But always with respect. I have no experience as staff, I am not 18 (yet), but I won't bullshit you or make a promise that I won't keep. Kinda introvert; love my family, my dog, shoes and modern architecture (true fan of falling waters); can be funny and charming, but that's optional; have math and computer science as majors, however, needed some help to migrate Minecraft onto my new MacBook; my signature can surprisingly be found on the map. I have Discord, but don't use it often. My English/French/Spanish/German skills are not the best, but will do the job. That's it. Vote for Alexa 2021!
THUMBS UP FOR ALEXA! Intelli, we need staff. Your border TP-thing just teleported me on top of the nether... no way out...
We still need staff! I just tried to smelt 4 ancient debris and what did I get? 4 netherite scraps - whereas it should be 8... @Intelli, please fix this and give me my 4 missing scraps! And/or promote Alexa to staff so she can do it. Thanks, Aki
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