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By river33

Real Name:



Missouri, USA

Time Zone:

About Yourself:
I'm a Software Engineer at a nation-wide banking software company and have been working from home every day for the last 5 years. I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Computer Science with a Math minor and I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Business Administration.

I've been on and off of this server for about 9 years now. This is the only Minecraft server I have ever really played other than my own. I constantly interact with the community to help in one way or another and I have several IRL and in-game friends that play this server.

Why you deserve this position:
This is a hard question because it requires people to boast about themselves, but I believe I deserve this because I am a consistent server log in and community driven player that also happens to be a Software Engineer (I can help with development if we need it).

Also, I call Intelli, "Intelli Belli". :)

As I mentioned above, I work from home. This gives me extreme availability, which I think we need right now with the new server starting (I logged in this morning to see a bunch of griefiing and no staff members on). I technically work a 8-4 or 9-5 day Monday - Friday, but I can get on MineRealm at pretty much any time and I constantly have discord open (as well as being at my computer desk most of the time anyway).

Anything else you wish to add:
I'm re-submitting my application for staff because I believe we need more staff members that can have a higher availability since we launched the new server.
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