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By Meowrocket
I will leave this here.
Just me in my suit for the Holy Day on Friday. Sorry for crappy quality, but this is the first time my own camera has worked properly in somewhere around three years, so... You win some, you lose some.
Also, I only took a selfie because evidently setting it to a timer overloaded the worn-out piece of junk and it shut itself off halfway through taking the picture.
I still hate selfies, but in the name of science, and having something to send to my girlfriend.
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By dlgn
You have returned!

What's up everyone I'm so glad I found this server. Everyone I met are awesome. If anyone needs a hand or a new person needs a Lil help with their first night get ahold of me. Oh and whoever posted this I wasn't sure what you meant but I didn't see no pictures. This is cool because its nice seeing who your chatting with. This is so much better then console Minecraft. I know newbies don't stick around well you guys got this one for awhile lol see you guys on Darelle and grelman
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By ScorchedMIXXX
Loookin hot as usual
You can see my chair in the back. :D
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