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By Nephalem
It is my duty to report on sand statistics. So if you are Anakin Skywalker, I suggest you stop reading now.

The following statistics are available from the Arcane Satellite Surveillance.

With that out of the way, a quick glance of the sand from April 2017 to April 2018:

Let's put the data in a histogram

Histogram description:
Gray is the old sand distribution, Orange is the new sand distribution. To grasp large areas, all areas are measured in a number of plots (1 plot = 2500m^2).
First bar on the left is the cumulative amount of sand from all sand areas that are less than a plot large (E.G. shores and small deserts). Last bar on the right shows that the larges desert of MineRealm is gone or has become chopped up into smaller deserts. This histrogram shows that the majority of sand is beaches and small deserts.

Let's only look at the change from 2017 to 2018:
If the bar is above 0 = deserts have been created.
If the bar is below 0 = deserts have been removed.
This histogram shows that the largest desert have been reduced from 82 to 64 plots. It also shows what size of deserts have been dug in.

Let's look at some progress numbers:
April 2017: 6.44% of MineRealm surface is covered with sand.
April 2018: 5.96% of MineRealm surface is covered with sand.
Sand surface remaining = 92.61% (woop woop)
If only considering sandareas larger than a plot (exclude most beaches):
Desert surface remaining = 91.75%
To mine all sand 747 hours are required
To mine all sandstone 1151 hours are required
Totally 1898 hours are needed. (From april 2017, but now only 92.61% of that is needed)

Let's look at some casual work numbers:
Phase 1 (digging sand):
average digging speed = 6.358 sand/sec
time spend in phase 1 = 31.3%
Phase 2 (mining solid sandstone):
average mining speed = 10.306 sandstone/sec
time spend in phase 2 = 25.2%
Phase 3 (mining the last sandstone between stone)
average mining speed = 2.802 sandstone/sec
time spend in phase 3 = 43.5%

31.9% of all sandstone is between stone (mined in phase 3) and 68.1% of sandstone is located above the stone (mined in phase 2).

An average desert consists of 34.3% sand blocks (phase 1) and 65.7% sandstone blocks (phase 2+3).


If you read this far, you earned yourself a glass of wet water, to compensate for the dryness in this post.

See you out there.
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By Nephalem
I wanted to make a new post with updates. However, nothing too much out of the ordinary, so it will just commit it here.

Sand surface area remaining went from 92.61% to 90.47%

Progress gif with 25 steps of the process, from start until now.

Updated histogram (A small bug was also fixed here, thanks Eah <3).
Histogram of deserts from start (grey) and now (orange)

Difference histogram from start to now:
Difference histogram since last update:
This last plot shows that 14 plots of shore-area was dug since last time.

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