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By Meowrocket
It's been awhile but I figured I'd update you guys on my car. Also I want your opinions on how it looks with off-color handles, as I'm debating whether or not to keep them different if I repaint.

It's the same one as before but I'm starting to get into tinkering with it and basic repair work. Recently my driver's side door handle broke. Found a junkyard near me with another Toyota Echo, and went ahead and replaced both door handles for A E S T H E T I C purposes. It has one and a half problems remaining to be fixed before I consider it worth repainting. The trunk release doesn't work if it's hot out, and there's a large break in my exhaust line way up in there so it's louder than it should be. Still going strong though, especially considering the lack of car for over half of that.


Mechanical Engineering didn't work out so I'm moving towards a trade school for auto mechanics and welding, so I'm trying to teach myself some basics ahead of time. Unfortunately my mechanic friend left the state so I can't take him up on his offer to help teach me.
By Piewarrior27
1999 cbr250rr mc22
looking forward to my death, enjoy my supple young organs.

also @meow, you should really fix the exhaust, carbon monoxide doesn't smell very nice. Funny, I'm doing Mechanical Engineering as well and hating every second.
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